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Hot Mom Again Thanks to AminoCharge Protein Supplement

Mom gets her hot body back with AminoCharge protein supplement by adding these amino acid rich protein shakes to her daily health and wellness routine.

Gettin in shape with AminoCharge protein shakes.

When I finally managed to lose all my baby fat after the birth of my third born son, I was proud of myself, but at the same time, I was not completely satisfied with my look. I wanted to enhance my appearance and be a hot mom, so I started researching on how I could get my body to look lean and firm.

I would try my best to work out regularly, but that proved to be a challenge, what with my now one-year-old son requiring my constant attention and his two older sisters having mommy needs of their own. Since I managed to get the excess weight off, what I really needed was a method to keep it off and enhance my appearance.

That is when I came across AminoCharge from Life Force International. This product is rich in amino acids and is meant to help your body to utilize protein intake more efficiently, since proteins are responsible for building lean body mass.

That drew my attention, so I took a closer look at what it really entailed and how it worked. Besides, I did not want to be taking some fad product that would end up harming me.

Amino Acids in AminoCharge Protein Supplement

Proteins, which are the body building foods, are made up of amino acids. The effectiveness of amino acids is largely dependent on the way your body digests, absorbs and assimilates protein. The body is also meant to activate the amino acids to do their job.

3 Amino Acid Rich Proteins are found in AminoCharge

AminoCharge is formulated to maximize the utilization of amino acids in the body, thus boosting their productivity. Your body should then be able to build muscles, red blood cells, enzymes and immunoglobulin, which in turn increase your metabolic rate. The formula consists of 3 premium sources of protein: Whey, rice and pea. These work together to ensure that you get essential nutrients and amino acids into your body where the magic begins.

Now that I knew that this was a product worth trying out, I went out and got myself a canister. All you have to do to prepare it is add 2 level scoops of AminoCharge into a liquid of your choice, which for me was fresh juice. The formula should be taken on a daily basis for the best results, and storage in the refrigerator was simple enough.

Some of the benefits that result from taking this amino acid abundant formula regularly include the building and repair of your muscle tissue and cell repair replacement, through which your body is easily able to create new cells.

A Delicious Protein Drink that Gets the Job Done!

After using it for some time, I came to the conclusion that AminoCharge does in fact get the job done. I noticed that I was not as tired as I used to be, considering the responsibilities I had raising three kids.

I also noticed that my metabolism improved, and the results of my workout sessions became more obvious in a shorter period. I was also energetic, and felt less stressed even on my busiest days. These results also motivated me to improve my eating habits since I could see that my efforts were not going to waste.

By paying closer attention to my daily nutritional regimen and using this ideal protein drink I am now well on my way to becoming the hot mom I envisioned thanks in big part to these wonderful AminoCharge protein shakes that I am able to drink everyday!


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