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Announcing Launch of Body Balance Liquid Vitamin Supplement releases worldwide wholesale purchae information for popular whole food liquid vitamin supplement known as Life Force Body Balance.

Press Release - Launching Body Balance Announces Launch of Body Balance Liquid Whole Food Supplement

Phoenix, AZ – is a liquid vitamin and mineral health supplement website that provides visitors with educational information about the importance of consuming whole food liquid supplements. Recommended now and on top of their list is their popular sea vegetable and Aloe Vera drink-blend named Body Balance. Because of all the reported benefits that this Aloe and sea vegetable drink offers, the website offers a way for visitors way to buy it wholesale, direct from the manufacturer at the lowest possible price.

The website has additionally added country-specific information relevant to all of the countries they now ship to along with the ability to purchase Body Balance at the same discounted wholesale prices. Each country-specific section includes ordering and contact information for each of the countries that Life Force Body Balance is currently served in.

This Body Balance Liquid Supplement is very different from other supplements in the health and wellness marketplace due to the key ingredients of natural, hand-harvested sea vegetables and certified organically grown Aloe Vera. These sea vegetables (nine different types are used) have been a central component in the Japanese diet for ages; giving Japan the top award for having one of the highest life expectancy averages in the entire world.

Consumers in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore are now able to experience some of the same benefits that the Japanese enjoy in their diets themselves with the global introduction of this Body Balance liquid supplement.

The nutrient rich sea vegetation and organic aloe that makes up Life Force Body Balance offers people many benefits over and above other types of nutritional supplements. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Combines all three varieties of sea vegetables; red, green, and brown
  • Cold-processed Aloe Vera to preserve nutritional profile
  • Promotes increased energy
  • Supports overall well-being
  • Daily foundation for optimum health
  • Liquid Whole-Food Nutrition that is easily absorbed
  • Rich in ultra-trace minerals and phytonutrients
  • More than 120 Nutrients and over 200 Active Compounds

The Body Balance product contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 40 trace minerals, natural enzymes, essential fatty acids, 18 essential amino acids, plus over 200 active compounds. This liquid vitamin supplement is taken poured directly from the bottle as a drink, is pleasantly tasty making it easy for people to do daily and is available in both powdered and liquid form, making it a natural for people to consume “on the go”.

For more information of the health boosting and energy enhancing liquid supplements, and for the country specific wholesale ordering details, visit

About is a website that provides detailed information on a wide range of liquid vitamins, liquid minerals and exclusively recommends Life Force Products that can be ordered online and shipped from a local warehouse. Country specific wholesale and factory direct to the public ordering information is provided to enable customers to get the very best possible deal in their home country.

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