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How to Achieve a Balanced Body with Liquid Nutrition

Getting a balanced body is not as difficult as you think when you use whole food liquid supplements containing lots of liquid vitamins and liquid minerals.

A balanced body starts with healthy food choices.

Although not known to many, having a balanced body is very important. This balance is measured through the body’s pH level by gauging one’s acidity and alkalinity. One who has a balanced body pH is less likely to have illnesses and diseases commonly experienced by many.

Ideally, it is best to keep the body’s pH neutral which is approximately 7.  If the pH is below 7, this signifies acidity. A pH higher than 7 on the other hand, is an indication of alkalinity.

Having a balanced body will not only keep you away from sicknesses, but will also give you a better overall well being. It can make you more energized and calmer, while keeping off the harsh effects of stress.

Get a Balanced Body with Whole Foods

If you think getting a balanced body is difficult, then think again. Our body is fueled by food and this greatly affects our pH levels, so attaining the balanced body you want is very much possible thru eating healthy nutrition found in whole foods.

Cut Back on Acidic Foods

Many types of foods today are high in acidity and can leave acidic residues after the food is broken down in the body. And because a high acidity level can decrease the body’s vitamin and mineral absorption, energy production in cellular level and cell damage repairing ability, an acidic person can be highly susceptible to extreme fatigue and many illnesses including coma.

So to avoid these unwanted effects, it is recommended to avoid taking in a lot of processed food and beverages as they are very acidic. Also cut back on beef, pork, seafood, chocolate, potatoes, rice, bread, corn, peanut, pasta, processed cheese, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and artificial sweeteners as these are highly acidic foods.

Increase Intake of High Alkaline Foods

It will be impossible to stop taking in acidic foods altogether, so to balance out the pH levels it is advisable to include as many alkaline-rich foods as possible in one’s diet. Some of the highly alkaline foods are lemon, watermelon, cantaloupe, lime, mango, papaya, melons, parsley, sweet seedless grapes, raspberry, seaweeds, kiwi fruit, pineapple, sweet potato, taro root, onion, asparagus, carrot, ginger root and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

A person who wants to start an alkaline-rich diet is recommended to focus on eating salads with dark green greens such as raw spinach, and olive oil-based dressing.

Take Supplements For a Balanced Body

Changing one’s diet is a good start. However, this is not enough in these modern times to adjust and maintain a balanced body. To help you achieve better health and overall well being it is best to take nutritional supplements with naturally occurring amounts of the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients derived only from whole foods.

One of the most recommended in the market today is Body Balance, a SeaNine™ and aloe blend making it a complete whole-food supplement which can help the body attain the balance it needs. It does not only help to keep one away from sicknesses but can also help create a foundation for a healthy nutrition plan, increased energy levels and the feeling of a well balanced body.


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