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Put Your Body in Balance

Putting your body in balance can be achieved by eating the right foods, staying active and by using the right body balancing whole food liquid supplements.

It's time to put your body in balance.

When you want to put or keep your body in balance you can accomplish it with the foods that you eat and with dietary supplements that are made from whole foods.

A Body in Balance is a More Efficient Body

Being in a state of balance in almost every aspect is ideal, and this is also true with our body. A body in balance can work more efficiently and become healthier as it can successfully fight off diseases and prevent the feeling of fatigue. The ability to move, exercise and work harder can also be improved.

However, it is not known to many how to properly put their body in balance so let’s explore that topic for a moment.

Adjusting pH to Put Your Body in Balance

To start getting the body in balance, it is important to know and understand the body pH. You may have heard of pH back in grade school as the acid-alkaline measurement. However, the body’s pH plays a greater role than one can ever imagine.

Our bodies should be naturally more alkalized than acidic. Although it is common to hear acidity as a problem, a high acidic level is not only limited to getting gastro-oesophageal re fluxes but can even cause a decrease in the body’s ability of nutrients and mineral absorption, a decrease in the cellular level energy production, a decrease in the body’s ability to repair damaged cells and a decrease in the capability of the body to detoxify heavy metals.

Now, none of that sounds good and is the opposite of putting your body in balance but it gets even worse…

An acidic body can also promote production of tumor cells, as well as make us more vulnerable to a lot of diseases, even coma and in the worst cases even death.

The body’s ideal pH is at 7.0 which is also considered as neutral. Going below this mark signifies acidity, while alkalinity is on the other end. For example 7.2 is on the alkaline side of the scale and 6.8 is on the acidic side. Although it is more advisable to take in alkaline, most of the foods available in the market are rich in acids.

Processed foods are usually highly acidic foods which are widely consumed by the majority of people every day. This is why many people today are suffering from acidosis, the condition where the body lacks oxygen and calcium to maintain an alkaline balance which can further lead to diseases like diabetes, obesity, bladder and kidney problems and immune deficiency.

Low pH or high acidity can also accelerate free radical damage that can cause cancer, hormone issues, premature aging, and osteoporosis, as well as muscle pain, slow indigestion and chronic fatigue.

Put Your Body in Balance With Food

To fight off acidity, one must put the body in balance by cutting back on acids and consuming highly alkaline foods and beverages. For starters, it is best if you can avoid eating all kinds of processed foods as they have high levels of acids and can cause acid build up in the body.

To help get your body in balance, try to cut back on the following: beef, pork, lamb, seafood, beer, breads, pasta, white flour, sugar, carbonated drinks, chocolates, cigarettes, tobacco, coffee and artificial sweeteners.

It is also highly recommended to include the following alkaline-rich food in your diet: watermelon, lemon, cantaloupe, watercress, parsley, seaweeds, lime, mango, kelp, melons, papaya, asparagus, kiwifruit, pineapple and raisins.

Putting Your Body in Balance With Liquid Supplements

Changing one’s diet can help a lot in putting the body in balance. However, if you are serious about balancing out your body and geared up on maintaining it, it is a good idea to embrace good quality whole food liquid supplements to assist you.

Using whole food liquid supplements can never completely balance your body out overnight but significant improvements can be felt quite rapidly.

For best results choose alkaline-rich foods as often as possible and ensure yourself healthy nutrition by using a trusty whole food supplement such as Body Balance. With gradual small changes in your diet and a proven supplement you can put yourself on the road to a body in balance in hardly any time at all.


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