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Body Wrap Methods Exposed

Body wrap methods span from going to the salon, wrapping yourself silly with the mess and help of a friend to a relaxing herbal body wrap bath done at home.

Fresh body wrap methods exposed.

Would you like to learn how to do a  body wrap and achieve great results?

Here we will explore 3 ways that can get you the results you’re looking for. One method requires no mess and no fuss.

The next requires help for most people and a mess to clean up for everyone afterwards but it’s also the most tested and tried-and-true method around.

Thirdly, with the Herbal Body Wrap formula there is the bathtub method that requires no help and minimal clean-up yet still produces great results.

Three Effective Body Wrap Methods:

  • How to Body Wrap using a Salon: Pampered Method
  • How to Body Wrap with a Friend: Traditional Method
  • How to Body Wrap Solo with No Mess: Bathtub Method

All three ways will show you effective methods but the choice is yours to decide which one might work best for your situation.

1. How to do a Body Wrap using a Salon: Pampered Method

This one is the easiest of all but also the most expensive, you’ll need to travel and generally you need to make an appointment ahead of time.

If you don’t already have a salon that you like and trust you’ll have to do a little research. The cost of getting a body wrap done can be anywhere from $60 to $100 or more.

High end salons can cost in the $100’s even $1,000’s for one single body wrap.

You do get the ultimate pampering experience but the price tag shows it.

You can call around to salons in your area and get a feel for the price but the thing that should concern you the most is the health and cleanliness of the salon. Once you find a place you think will work for you, check with local health department for any trouble over the past year.

Also, you can do a quick check with the Better Business Bureau and research the company’s name, city and state online. The information you find can be most valuable in helping you make your decision.

While the service is nice having someone else do it all for you, pampering yourself at home is completely possible and without the price tag of the salon.

2. How to do a Body Wrap with a Friend: Traditional Method

Learning how to do a body wrap with a friend can be fun and with a little work, can save you a ton of money. While you learn how to body wrap at home be sure to read the instructions carefully before you begin.

When doing a your wraps at home you can expect get 4, 5, 6, 7 even 8 body wraps for the cost of one single body wrap in a salon.

Step 1: Prepare the solution according to the directions on the package. Be aware of any products that may be ready to use as they could contain preservatives. You want to expel toxins – not soak them into your skin so only buy from a trusted source. Get it boiling hot because it’s good for sterilization and to liberate the minerals and nutrients from the ingredients of the product.

Step 2: Cool the solution until it is comfortably warm and no longer too hot for your skin.

Step 3: Soak clean terry cloth towels in the solution.

Step 4: With the help of a friend, wrap the towels around your body covering all areas.

Tip: Put on long sleeved thermal underwear and using a squeeze bottle soak the garments directly on your body.

Step 5: With the help of a friend, wrap plastic wrap around your body over top of the towels or thermal underwear.

Step 6: Lay down flat in a comfortable spot that can easily be cleaned from any solution that might leak from under the plastic wrap.

Step 7: With the help of a friend, dampen more clean towels with hot water or microwave damp towels to get them hot.

BE CAREFUL not to overheat and cause burning of the skin.

Step 8: Have your friend wrap the very warm towels over top of the plastic wrap.

Step 9: Have your friend cover you with a blanket.

Recap: So now you have towels or thermal underwear soaked in solution – plastic wrap – very warm semi-hot wet towels – a blanket or two, all in that order.

Step 10: Relax and enjoy your wrap for 1 full hour.

Step 11: Disassemble yourself in reverse order.

Step 12: If it’s not time to give your friend a wrap, then it’s time to clean up all the mess and do a load or two of laundry.

Any unused solution can be frozen for later use.

3. How to do a Home Body Wrap: Bathtub Method

Simply the smartest one around. You get the cost savings over a salon, you get a top notch spa treatment to pamper yourself, you can do it solo or with a friend; and there is virtually no mess to clean up afterwards.

Who wants to clean up all that mess after a relaxing body wrap anyway…


It kind of kills the calm and relaxed mood doesn’t it?

Here’s the way to do a relaxing and effective body wrap with the ease you’re going to love.

Step 1: Follow the instructions and simmer your herbal body wrap on the stove top. Grab a book; turn on some music, light a candle if you like.

Step 2: Being careful that it’s not too hot add the herbal body wrap solution to a bathtub of fresh hot (not too hot) water.

Step 3: Relax and enjoy the soothing aroma and warm liquid surrounding every part of your body for 1 full hour.

Step 4: When finished, drain and rinse the tub as you rinse yourself off then go on about the rest of your day.

How can it get any better than that?

It probably can’t.

This is the easiest and an effective way to detoxify your body, soothe and relax your body and mind, promote healthier smoother skin with a more toned and firmed appearance. You can get started using Herbal Body Wrap baths now and you’ll never have to wonder how to do an effective body wrap ever again.


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