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Body Wrap Review

In this body wrap review the front runner is an herbal body wrap you do in your bathtub without the mess, plastic wrap toxins, help, or salon expense.

This body wrap review reveals good news.

Now just keep in mind as you read this “body wrap review” that you’re not going to look like an Egyptian mummy.

Here’s a body wrap review you’re going to love…

While some body wraps make you look and feel like a mummy, no, we are not talking about mummification in this body wrap review. You do not need to wrap yourself silly to get great results here.

First you have to understand what a body wrap is and what you intend on using it for. Body wraps are a means by which the body’s problem areas such as those with excess fat which you want to trim down can be slimmed down by using compression and special herbal formulas.

In this Body Wrap Review we’re Focusing on Herbal Body Wraps:

Herbal formulas will draw water out of your skins layers in order to reduce water retention and will help to shrink the surface area of the spots which are a problem to you and will reduce overall inches as well.

The spots to which you have applied the body wrap will become slimmer because your fat cells will have shrunk through water withdrawal. During this process, detoxification occurs which is also known to help reduce excess fat.

Body wraps can also be used to smooth out cellulite. This is why body wraps have become an attractive beauty treatment for many women and are growing increasingly popular by the day. This body wrap review is only telling you a few of the reasons why.

Body wraps usually incorporate bandage-like wrap clothes to wrap the problem area that is to be treated.  This bandage wrap can be either narrow or wide. However the narrower ones can be applied more tightly but not so tight that you cut off circulation. This compression is required for certain types of body wraps to work so keep this in mind as you read this body wrap review and then decide on what type of body wraps you think will work best for your given situation.

Body wraps usually use natural formulas which give progressively better results the more they are used and will take off the needed inches. A detox body wrap has detoxifying ingredients which help draw out impurities from the skin and goes down deep to draw out water and impurities from tissue layers.

In doing this body wrap review we’ve discovered that body wrap formulas which incorporate Aloe Vera are very effective because Aloe Vera liquid is a very good delivery system both externally or topically as well as internally. So in this body wrap review the frontrunner is Herbal Body Wrap because it is so easy to use in your bathtub that it makes the mummification associated with body wraps a thing of the past.

You will see that a body wrap will make you feel tingly, invigorated and that it has a cool feeling or sensation as it works to smooth out lumps, bulges and gets rid of excess fat. You can use body wraps on love handles, the belly, the buttocks, the thighs, the upper arms, the neck, the calves and the chest.

And of course, as most people do, your entire body all at one time.

One main point in this body wrap review is that body wraps work great for both men and women and you can save a considerable amount of money by doing them yourself in the comfort of your home rather than at a salon.

A Rave Body Wrap Review…

The ingredients of a body wrap kit should be herbal and 100% natural. People who have tried them write rave body wrap reviews about their results and some say that they not only lost inches but also loved the detoxifying effects. Others have used them several times and they’ve noticed each time that their bodies have shrunk by inches especially in the most troublesome spots.

Women are often thrilled that after a few body wraps they can fit into dresses and jeans which they could no longer wear just the day before. Others notice best results in 3 – 5 weeks doing one wrap a week.

It’s a great experience as to what a single body wrap can do for you but you can typically see your best results around your third to fifth weekly application .

You can find sites online which offer body wraps that you can use at home. The greatest difference between salon wraps and home wraps is that with home body wraps you have control over the ingredients which you use. These may be herbs, clay or essential oils.

Another benefit of at home body wraps is that they can be tailored to your needs. For example if you need help with cellulite you can add Bladderwrack or Kelp to your body wrap formula if your formula does not already have it.

For a great article about the three common body wrap methods see “Body Wrap Methods Exposed” and follow the link to Herbal Body Wrap for the best body wrap product we have ever seen. In writing this body wrap review, we’ve learned that Herbal Body Wrap was by far the easiest to use (see bathtub method in article above), most economical and extremely effective.


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