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This has got to be the easiest and most effective herbal body wrap ever created.
Herbal Body Wrap… Meet pudgy body and let’s see what you can do.

Pudgy body or not, you want your skin to be healthy and have more toned and firmer appearance. Besides that, with our skin being the largest organ that our body has, you’ve got to want the detoxifying nature of a Life Force Herbal Body Wrap.

Relax and Leave the Herbal Body Wrap Mess Behind For Good!

What you probably don’t want is all the mess and trouble that goes into doing a “traditional body wrap”. But either way, if you don’t want to break a tradition, deal with all the mess, then Herbal Body Wrap can be used just like any other wrap.

That’s how it was originally designed until some smart thinking product user changed it all up.

With a “traditional body wrap”, terry cloth wraps are soaked in prepared solution and wrapped directly on the skin then wrapped over with a plastic wrap. Next you pile on more warm wet towels and cover up with blankets. For the next hour you stay fixed in this mummy suit and relax.

When finished relaxing you get to clean up all of the mess.

That’s the part that sucks the most!

Herbal Body Wrap can be used the traditional way or to target specific areas of the body. That should be the only reason that you would want to use the “traditional body wrap” method and it does keep the mess to a minimum amount of work.

But what’s really exciting is how you can use Life Force Herbal Body Wrap conveniently in your bathtub.

Splish-Splash, it’s an Herbal Body Wrap Bath party going on!

Many people are taking advantage of this DIY spa treatment to get the benefits of a professional salon style body wrap without the expense and hassle of making an appointment and going there in person.

Herbal Body Wrap is a unique combination 27 minerals, herbs and healing Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is an exceptional delivery agent to carry beneficial nutrients and other healing herbs in through your skin.

The liquid Aloe Vera used in Herbal Body Wrap contains over 75 minerals and 200 known active compounds including vitamins, minerals and some very beneficial building blocks called amino acids. The Montmorillonite clay used in Herbal Body Wrap is mineral rich green clay well-known for its detoxifying properties.

Add the prepared body wrap solution to your bath and soak for a relaxing hour of pure bliss. It’s soothing, aromatic and rejuvenating without the mess and work of wrapping yourself silly.

When you emerge from your nourishing bath you should notice a more firm and toned appearance. Take an Herbal Body Wrap bath once a week for 4 weeks and drink eight glasses of water daily for ongoing detoxification, proper hydration of your body and a way to shed inches.

Some people are amazed at the amount of inches they lose by the end of four weeks but everybody gets to enjoy the relaxation, the detoxification and how amazing their bodies feel after each and every herbal body wrap bath they take.

You’ll be blown away at they way you look and feel after your 4th body wrap bath.

It’s very important to document your results so be sure to measure each part of your body per the instructions just before each and every one of your soothing body wrap baths.

This Herbal Body Wrap, with its magical blend of healing clay, minerals, herbs and liquid Aloe Vera has got to be the easiest and most comfortable Body Wrap in the world.

No other body wrap to date can beat the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of Herbal Body Wrap. And because it is so easy to do, it’s easy to stay on a weekly routine without requiring the help of another person.

Wrap yourself in a luxurious liquid bath of Herbal Body Wrap for 4 short weeks to see how many inches you lose and notice how much healthier your body looks and feels. But don’t forget, it’s a great idea to take measurements before and after your 4 week trial so that you can document your own specific results.

Here’s how to have a guaranteed chance at success…

Do four no-mess Herbal Body Wraps (one a week for 4 weeks) and if you are not excited about what it does for you, Life Force the manufacturer will buy the empty bottles back for full price. Give your body the love it deserves by giving it an Herbal Body Wrap bath starting today.

 Chances are great that you never experienced an Herbal Body Wrap like this.

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