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Did you know that there was an excellent opportunity at Life Force and that Life Force pays us well above average?

So many people think that Life Force is just a great liquid vitamin company with products that help make them feel good. It’s much more than that. The Life Force opportunity is set up to reward you financially in a surprisingly big way. As a Life Force member of our Liquid For Life team you’ll have some of the best training available to show you how to start earning money just days from now.

The New Life Force Compensation Plan is New, Fresh and Powerful!

  • Small – The Life Force plan takes care of the need for new people to earn enough money to fund their shift from a part-timer into a full-time networking money earner.
  • Medium – The Life Force pay plan rewards those teeter-toting on the verge of making full-time income and pushes them into big money fast. Think 6 figures plus yearly.
  • Large – Then, through the Life Force pay plan’s remarkable depth, it allows already developed leaders to come on board Life Force and produce the legendary financial wealth that this industry is so famous for.

The firestorms of growth are raging all around Life Force creating renewed health, weight loss, wellness, and the opportunity for financial independence for all who reach for it. Available in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Success Kit compensation plan can help you manifest your part time effort into financial abundance while improving the lives of your Life Force team members at the same time.

I personally feel that the new Success Kit compensation plan is the most innovative, fairest kit, and recruiting-culture compatible compensation plan that I have seen in my 30-plus years in network marketing. My hats off to our field leaders, home office executive team, and our CEO, Marjorie Lynn, for offering our people such a game-changing comp plan. It is the best I’ve seen and I am excited about the prosperity it will provide our recruiting members.

– David Colister, Life Force BENew Academy Chancellor

If you would like to consider working with me; Coach Mardoc and the Liquid For Life team, contact me for more information or simply place an order of Body Balance at wholesale price for a 90 day risk-free trial and let me know that you want to get started.


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