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A Life Force Review of Products and the Compensation

When a person sets out to review Life Force, our flagship product Body Balance or BENew for weight loss they will find that there are many things that set Life Force apart from other companies that might seem similar to an outsider.

Most companies that appear to be similar have hidden flaws such as offering products that nobody really wants or if they are convinced to try them, nobody ever wants to re-order. This makes it an uphill battle for independent distributors trying to build a business. The other major common flaw with similar appearing companies is that the compensation plan makes it difficult for new distributors to make a profit.

Life Force has solved those two common flaws by offering products that people not only want to buy once but two, three, thirty times or more with many customers re-ordering ten plus years down the road. This constant re-ordering allows Life Force Members to grow their incomes larger and larger instead of just trying to break even with one time product purchases.

In reviewing the Life Force compensation plan, you’d be hard-pressed to find any pay plan that pays new members this well and helps them transition into a full time income in such a short period of time.

The video below is a review of how Life Force came about and a brief idea on what Body Balance is all about. Watch the short video as you hear from the Life Force founders then browse the article topics below and on the side of this page to get more specific information. Also if you have questions, use the contact link at the very top and let us know what’s on your mind as we would be happy to assist you.

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