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Sea Vegetables

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Sea Vegetables are Super-Charged Whole Foods – SCWF

When you look to nature to find nutrient dense food to feed your body with, you don’t have to look much further than nature’s garden under the sea. Abundant and renewable sea vegetables provide so much nutrition that a person could survive on this food source all by itself.

Sea vegetables are a very important staple for many cultures around the globe and in places like Japan, sea vegetables are a regular meal for many. Japan having a higher than normal percentage of their population living past the hundred year mark is no accident when they eat as nutritiously as this.

While fresh sea vegetables are not easily accessible for many people, there are excellent alternatives such as dehydrated, dried and powdered, and our favorite, liquid sea vegetables.

Different Sea Vegetables Provide Different Nutrients

Just like all whole foods it’s good to mix things up a bit because just like you’d get a larger spectrum of vitamins and minerals from eating lettuce, carrots, beets, tomatoes and apples as opposed to eating only lettuce by itself.

Like land based plants sea vegetables grow in a variety of colors such as red, green and brown. Eating a variety of seaweed and ocean vegetables provides you with a wide variety of nutrients; a far greater variety and density than can be found in plants grown in typical farm soil.

Check it out. You’ll simply fall in love with the world’s top nine sea vegetables:

Not All Sea Vegetables are Fit for Human Consumption

Among the most widely consumed is Kelp. Kelp is known for its high nutrition and high protein value. Another one at the top of the list is Nori due to its great taste the fact that its loaded with vitamins and minerals in good supply. Dulse, Kombu, Irish Moss, Dabber Locks, Sea Lettuce and Bladder Wrack are all rich in minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients that just can’t be found in most of today’s food supply.

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