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Body Balance: Centerpiece of Your Daily Nutrition

Even if you eat right you’re likely missing vital nutrients in your daily nutrition needs and drinking Body Balance can give you what you're body's missing.

Make Body Balance part of your daily nutirition plan.

The first time you take Body Balance you’ll be pleasantly surprised how your body reacts to the new daily nutrition you get.

Chances are your body is thirsty for high quality daily nutrition because minerals and vitamins can’t be found in the food you eat. Or, in most supplements lining store shelves.

It’s sad but true that you may not be getting the daily nutrition that you think you are. Most supplements (pills especially) are simply worthless when it comes to providing your body with these vital nutrients to meet your daily nutrition needs.

I’ve been using natural products for years and have taken many supplements. It wasn’t until I discovered Life Force’s Body Balance that I noticed many changes taking place. My energy level went up dramatically, my skin took on a healthy appearance and many people have said that I look younger. – D. Macavoy

You’ll be surprised how your body responds when fed this high quality whole food and your daily nutrition intake goes through the roof. Nutrients your body can easily respond to and utilize.

Life Force Body Balance is an easy to use natural source of complete daily nutrition formulated as a liquid nutrient supplement.

What many people don’t know about Life Force Body Balance is loaded with over 120 critical nutrients derived from green, brown and red sea vegetables in addition to organically grown Aloe Vera.

Body Balance is a pleasure to take every day and the great taste will simply delight you.

Daily nutrition at its finest with Body Balance.

Life Force Body Balance is cold-processed to retain its original vegetable form. It’s a nutrient rich “super-food” that delivers the daily nutrition you want and is safe for everyone over 1 year old.

Life Force takes special care with their ingredient sources and processing. SeaNine™, a unique blend of red, green and brown sea vegetables are all harvested from pristine ocean waters around the globe.  This helps ensure a wide range of nutritional value.

You can learn more about the daily nutrition found in each separate ingredient at by doing a simple search.

Another important ingredient is certified organic Aloe Vera (check out Aloe at PubMed too and you’ll be reading for days upon end on the benefits of adding this as a daily nutrition necessity). The Aloe we use is grown in rich, fertile volcanic soils where it is hand harvested by passionate hard working farmers. They fillet the Aloe Vera close to the field to ensure the health-providing daily nutrition properties are well preserved.

This powerful combination of Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables gives you a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace and ultra trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Many Body Balance drinkers see an increase in feelings of vitality and well-being. A noticeable difference during the few days or so is not uncommon. As you continue drinking Body Balance over time it begins to support your immune system, overall health and as a side benefit – increase your energy level.*

Even if you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you’re probably missing the vital minerals and trace minerals that are found in Life Force Body Balance.

Experts say…

If you’re not taking Body Balance on a daily basis, where are you getting these vital nutrients for your daily nutrition from?

You want to be smart about the nutrients you and your family are taking. And to make a smart choice, choose Life Force and start your core foundation of daily nutrition with refreshing Body Balance.


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