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Chewable Vitamins or Liquid Vitamins - What is Better?

When choosing chewable vitamins you might discover liquid vitamins work as good or better so here are some good and bad points to give you a way to decide.

Chewable vitamins are easy to swallow.

Chewable vitamins have been around for decades and the idea was really a good one. Some people have a hard time talking their kids into taking vitamins. Besides, a chewable vitamin is more fun and they taste better and are easier to take than those pill types primarily designed for adults.

Why are Chewable Vitamins Better Than Pills?

For many years chewable vitamins have been the best way to keep your kids interested in taking vitamins basically because they were made to taste and look a lot like candy.

Not real great for the teeth though.

Often, chewable vitamins come in different colors, flavors, shapes and even have cool names that kid’s like. Many times kids don’t even hesitate to chew them and even remind you if you forget to dish them out.

Chewable vitamins however are not only available for kids as even adults can also enjoy them. A lot of chewable vitamin brands and supplements are actually being distributed in the market. Many people find taking them is more convenient than choking down hefty vitamin pills that make you drink lots of water. That’s not always easy or convenient.

With chewable vitamins you can chew, swallow and then drink a little water when the mood strikes you. This makes taking a chewable vitamin very easy and convenient.

Benefits of Chewable Vitamins:

One of the greatest overlooked benefits of taking chewable vitamins is that they can easily absorb into your body. The action of chewing them up begins the digestive process allowing for better absorption.

Pills on the other hand with their added binders, fillers, coatings and the compression used to hold them together make pills and tablets extremely difficult to break down. And that’s why most pills and tablets are shown to have a pitifully low absorption rate of only around 10-20%.

Pills are not only rock hard, they are a complete waste of hard earned money.

Chewable vitamins are most advantageous because of this low absorption rate of pills and tablets. For example, if you take vitamin B complex in a pill or tablet form, there is a big chance that most of the B vitamins will not be absorbed leading mostly to waste.

Are Chewable Vitamins My Best Choice?

As discussed above, chewable vitamins are easier to swallow and better absorbed when compared to pills and tablets. Because of them being large and hard to swallow, people who rely on pills and tablets find that they would rather skip than stick to their daily nutrition plan…

But the answer is no.

Chewable vitamins are not your best choice when it comes to quality, taste, absorb-ability and effectiveness of your nutritional supplements.

The New Frontier is Pre-Chewed Chewable Vitamins:

Okay, before you start feeling repulsed an explanation is due. They are not really pre-chewed chewable vitamins. We’re talking about juiced nutrient rich plants in a liquid form  that taste fantastic and completely ready to be used by bodies for both the young and the old.

Just as a mother bird fly’s out to gather and eat a worm, then fly’s back to her nest, she feeds her babies a naturally made nutritious food that they can easily absorb. This liquefied nutritious food we’re talking about for humans contains a whole host of nutrients that are easily absorbed up to 98%.

No worms are involved here. Nobody has “pre-chewed” the vitamins here. They are simply designed as a ready to digest highly absorb-able liquid food so there is no need to chew them first.

Thus you have a pre-chewed or pre-broken down vitamin ready for your body to absorb all they way up to 98%.

The benefits of liquid whole foods are too numerous to list in this article but one important benefit over chewable vitamins is that chewable vitamins normally contain synthetic vitamins that were made in a laboratory.

This is not good as your body can not use many of the synthetic vitamins contained in these fake chewable vitamins.

Chewable vitamins, while better than a pill forms, are a far cry from what you and your children’s bodies need every day to feel and be your very best.

Your best choice would be to use liquid supplements that are made from 100% nutrient rich whole food.

Choose the right brand and your children will probably be reminding you about their daily vitamins giving you one less thing to worry about. Just don’t keep this delicious and nutritious whole food in their reach or you may find it gone a little too quickly.

If the health of you and your family is really important to you, then you need to learn all you can about whole food liquid supplements. Before the introduction of these body balancing liquid nutrients, chewable vitamins were the easiest way to give you and your kids some protection – not anymore.


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