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5 Important Energy Nutrients

Supplementing with the energy nutrients you need to get you through the day just got better with a new solution to increase energy and decrease stress.

The right energy nutrients can turn your life around.

Are you running short on energy nutrients?

We hear it all time that we need nutrients like folate, calcium and Vitamin C. However, there are energy nutrients that you don’t hear about as often and may be overlooked to the point that you lack these nutrients in your diet.

This article will tell you about the 5 major energy nutrients that can help enhance your energy and fight disease.

Here are the most popular energy nutrients that can help you find a better well-being in you and a specific solution to increase your energy level while reducing stress.

5 Energy Nutrients You May be Lacking:

The following are 5 energy nutrients which you may be lacking and some tips on where to get them.

Vitamin E. Studies show that around 28% of people are deficient in this vitamin. The normal dose of vitamin E is 15 mg each day.

What it does? It reduces the risk of getting heart diseases and improves a person’s immunity.

Why you’re lacking it? If your diet is very low in fat, this could be a reason why your body is vitamin E deficient.

How to obtain it? This vitamin is typically found on natural fat-rich plant foods such as nuts, seeds and oils. If you can add to your diet fortified cereals, it would be a good thing.

Iron. This is one of those energy nutrients we don’t think of often and evidence tells us that 12% of people are lacking in iron.

What it does? This energy nutrient is needed to assist in delivering oxygen all through your body.

Why you’re lacking it? If you are on a diet and you are trying to avoid meat, this could be the major reason why you are iron-deficient. The iron found in animal proteins such as poultry, beef or lamb is directly absorbed by our body while iron found in vegetables aren’t as effectively absorbed.

How to obtain it? For the body to have enough iron, your diet must also consist of animal protein daily. The redder the color of the meat, the more iron it contains. Beef is the best source of iron compared to chicken and pork. In addition to meat, clams are also known to contain iron. Ten steamed clams are said to have the ability to supply 27 mg of iron with less calories than the meats mentioned above.

Potassium. According to research, most people are low in potassium.

What it does? The normal daily dosage of this energy nutrient is 4700 mg. It helps assist in muscle contraction and controls fluid and mineral balance every time you sweat.

Why you’re lacking it? You probably are not eating enough vegetables and fruits.

How to obtain it? The best potassium sources include a baked potato, tomato sauce, white beans and bananas.

Zinc. Studies tell us that almost 50% of people are deficient in zinc.

What it does? This energy nutrient is known to assist in controlling the body’s metabolism and is known to stimulate your protective immune system.

Why you’re lacking it? Your diet might not include beans and wheat germ, that’s why.

How to obtain it? Consume a cup of baked beans and get almost half of the recommended daily dose.

Magnesium. According to studies, most people get only 3 quarters of the recommended daily dose of magnesium.

What it does? This energy nutrient is needed in producing energy and in muscle function.

Why you’re lacking it? Your diet might not contain enough seafood.

How to obtain it? Eat more fish! Three oz of halibut can give you 91 mg of magnesium. If you simply don’t love seafood, you can also consume one-half cup of all-bran cereal, black beans or cooked spinach.

Get Energy Nutrients When You Eat or You Must Supplement:

Energy nutrients can be found in a wide variety of foods and the above list will help get you get started on the right track. If you find that eating the proper foods to provide you with these energy nutrients seems a bit too difficult then you must supplement.

Besides these energy nutrients there are 2 herbs, Tulsi and Ashwagandha, proven to increase energy and as a side benefit, provide stress relief. Energy nutrients are important and these two herbs when used together are known to have the capabilities to balance energy and build a calm more focused person in you.


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