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Green Seaweed for Your Health

Green seaweed contains more minerals and nutrients in them than can be found in most land-grown vegetables and green sea vegetables offers many benefits.

Beautiful and tasty green seaweed

Green seaweed provides more nutrients than can be found in most land-grown vegetables. You can buy seaweed at health shops and grocery stores and it has recently become quite popular.

Green seaweed makes for great salads and is very beneficial to one’s health. There are also available seaweed dietary supplements, all of which when grown in a clean environment has a very high content of nutrients and minerals to help us to maintain our health.

Green Seaweed Offers Numerous Health Benefits

Special types of green seaweed, or sea vegetables as they are sometimes known as, have been used in Chinese traditional medicines for centuries and are now being adopted in western cultures at a rapid pace.

Green Seaweed Benefits all Creatures…

Besides being nutritionally important, these types of seaweed are used in skin care and other cosmetic products. Green seaweed is a great benefit for other living organisms as it’s a necessary form of food for herbivorous marine life like fish, crustaceans, gastropods, and even including sea snails.

The beta carotene found in green seaweed has also been used as food coloring and is thought to be beneficial to the treatment of cancer. It has also been discovered that green seaweed just might be able to reduce global warming.

With the melting of ice into the ocean iron gets introduced into the waters and this helps in the growth of algae which then go on to absorb carbon dioxide. The planet has been heating and cooling in cycles for millions of years so this whole idea of global warming is nothing new.

As the cycles come about and ice melts it creates a perfect environment for green seaweed to do its thing and reverse the process once again. Could green seaweed be part of the reason for global cooling and warmer cycles?

Some of the vitamins and nutrients which are found in green seaweed are Vitamin A, Niacin, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein. Our immune system gets its strength from such ocean minerals like iodine, selenium among a multitude of other macro and ultra trace minerals that is found in this wonderful sea vegetation.

Since seaweed is rich in iodine it has been known to overcome poor digestion and to help in getting over goiter which is caused by iron deficiency and it will help to rebuild and maintain the functioning of the glands in a person’s body.

Green seaweed aids in brain development, helps to prevent osteoporosis, can offset the effects of impotence, anemia and emaciation, detoxifies the body and increases metabolism.

No Wonder Green Seaweed is So Popular.

Green seaweed makes for great salads, enjoyed as a treat and is looked upon as a super food and supplements your daily nutrition regimen. The Japanese use it in many of their dishes and children munch it as a snack.

A popular type of green seaweed is called sea lettuce and is known for its bright green color and wavy kind of shape. It can be added to certain rice dishes and tomato sauces or it can be placed into the oven and when it crisps up it can be sprinkled over salads and soups.

When looking to buy seaweed be sure that you choose those which are labeled as being grown only in pristine ocean waters that are free from pollutants. When looking for a quality sea vegetable supplement, Body Balance is what comes to mind because they use all three types; the red, brown and the green seaweed.

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