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Trusted Healthy Energy Drinks

A new level of healthy energy drinks that professionals trust for their clients and their family for a more alert mind and healthy stress free energy.

A healthy energy drink you can depend on.

Life is fleeting faster than ever before and people are choosing healthy energy drinks to help take up the slack.

With the hectic schedules and greater modern responsibilities, one would think their body’s energy is not enough. Healthy energy drinks have become popular during the modern times and more of these products are being introduced to the market.

But Do You Really Need Healthy Energy Drinks?

Of course, you do. With the stress that’s been bombarding you from the start to the end of your day, you need to sit back and enjoy a drink.

Studies have proven that stress is responsible for almost half of all deaths in America below 65 years old. You don’t want to be among those unfortunate ones because you need to live a life and a healthy one, that is!

Anxiety and stress have been linked to 75% of all diseases and medical conditions in our society. It has also been found that these two factors cause a dramatic increase in sick days from work. More than half of all doctor visits are related and linked to stress and anxiety.

Stress is a negative factor that sucks the life out of us. It takes us away from living a good life and prevents us from doing good work. It has been recently found that depression linked to stress is the leading occupational illness during our times.

Stress is one of the reasons why a person suffers from insomnia, heart diseases, anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke, drug dependence, headaches, forgetfulness and the list goes on and on.

Not only can stress affect your health, it can also affect your life. Stress can lead to accidents, marital problems, suicide, poor job performance, overeating and obesity, and reduced sex drive.

What are Healthy Energy Drinks Made Of?

Here are some of the usual ingredients in energy drinks.

  • Caffeine. This maybe is the most common component of energy drinks since it is s good stimulant for most people. This ingredient can be found also in other products such as soft drinks and tea. The thing is, caffeine in healthy energy drinks are usually in lower amounts.
  • Taurine. Taurine is another common ingredient in most healthy energy drinks. Actually, this substance is produced naturally by our body since it is known to help in regulating energy levels in our body. It is also linked to increasing the level of alertness in a person, making his mind more focused.
  • Guarana. This substance is taken from South American plants and is also used for increased levels of energy and awareness. It is comparable to caffeine but has some variations for different levels of stimulation.
  • Vitamin B. This vitamin is known for its ability to wake the body up and give it a head start, making this a common ingredient in most healthy energy drinks.
  • Ginseng. Most healthy energy drinks claim to have this ingredient. It is taken from an herb that is popularly known for its stimulating effect and for its ability to reduce stress.
  • Lcarnitine. This component of healthy energy drinks is to help in increasing the body’s metabolic rate while increasing the body’s level of energy.

While there are drinks loaded with caffeine, there are others loaded with herb extracts like Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) and Ashwagandha. These healthy energy drinks are trusted by health care professionals not only for a more alert mind, but also for a healthier body far away from stress and anxiety.


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