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Healthy Shakes that Taste Great

Good healthy shakes must include all of the important nutrients your body needs and the taste should put a smile on your face and make you feel good inside.

Healthy shakes are pretty simple to make.

When drinking healthy shakes they should taste so good they will put a smile on your face and include all of the important nutrients your body needs for your complete daily nutrition.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask should it?

What we want is a good healthy shake that we can really enjoy and look forward to drinking everyday right?

No more bitter taste, clumpy lumpy liquid goo, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Just a delicious taste packed full of nutrients and proteins that will have you smiling ear to ear. Now that’s what we’re talking about here.

Nutrient rich protein shakes have become very popular lately and this is basically because people are learning that they are so darn healthy and good for you. There are some protein shakes that can even be used as meal replacements, weight loss and promote an overall healthier life style.

If you are purchasing a protein shake for a meal replacement you want to make certain that it is either a complete balance of nutrients that your body needs every day or be sure that you take a balanced liquid supplement.

Protein powder such as whey, all by itself, is not sufficient enough to call them healthy shakes. You need to be careful here because a protein shake all by itself can certainly give you energy and a full feeling but beware because it does not contain all of the nutrients your body needs each and every day.

In other words if you choose a simple protein powder you must supplement it with other necessary nutrients to make it a “good meal” per se.

Good vs. Bad Tasting Healthy Shakes:

Some protein shakes on the market are hard to tolerate, some okay, and some are downright delicious. The kind of healthy shakes you wake up in the morning craving and can hardly wait to take a sip of because of the way it makes you feel.

Now, there are many different things that you can do to improve the taste of almost any shake and still keep it healthy for you. You can add a combination of ingredients which you enjoy to eat. Fruits, vanilla, coco, peanut butter, even greens can add great taste and nutritional value.

Changing the taste of your healthy shakes with other ingredients will help keep the boredom of drinking the same thing all the time and to sneak in some added nutrients. Another way to be sure you have a great tasting shake you can purchase a ready to drink shake or a shake powder which you just have to add water to and shake it up.

Either way you can be sure that you will wind up with a healthy and tasty shake. Most of the ready-made shakes are rich in nutritional contents like carbohydrates, protein, fiber vitamins and minerals. Not only are they healthy but they will provide you with the necessary calories without giving you anything in excess of what you would normally require.

Mixing up a Healthy Shake is Simple:

To begin making your healthy shakes or smoothies as they are sometimes called, you should place ice in the blender and crunch it along with a ¼ cup of water. The next best ingredients are milk, almond milk or fruit juices such as orange, pineapple or any pure and preferably organic juice that is not loaded with excess sugar.

Begin with a cup of liquid and if you need more add extra juice 2 or 3 tbsp. at a time to make it a perfect consistency. Keep in mind that a cup of fruit is ideal for a healthy protein shake.

Some of the best fruits include bananas, all berries, peaches, plums, cherries, mango, pineapple, guava and passion fruit. Fresh fruit is always the best but if this isn’t possible you may add canned fruit such as cherries, peaches or crushed pineapple.

Mix and match your Healthy Shakes:

Mix and match as many fruits as you like. Fruit is especially important since a lot of fruit provides natural sweetness and you don’t need to put in any added sugar. If you like you can add in some vegetables as well such as beets, carrots or pumpkin. Even spinach can be somewhat hidden of taste when blended with some of these other fruits and vegetables.

Carrots especially add a wonderful sweetness to a healthy shake. A combination of vegetables and fruit will make for a delicious shake which can use to replace a meal and give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body requires.

Healthy shakes should always include some type of protein powder and a combination of rice, pea and whey proteins mixed together is the ultimate. Keep this in mind when you’re making your own shake from scratch.

Healthy Shakes for a Workout Enhancement:

There are protein drinks which also have a healthy dose of carbohydrates and can give a powerful energy surge prior to a workout. Ready-made and healthy protein shakes are available through various sources online and offline. They can be found in health food stores and supermarkets but of course for convenience you’ll probably want to purchase them online.

Don’t forget to read the ingredients of each of the products which interest you, read what is written about the products and if they are trustworthy. Then, make your choice of which protein shake supplement you will purchase or if you want to decide to make your own healthy shakes and add in protein shake powder yourself.


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