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Help Me Feel Better She Said

Here is how to put an end to the “help me feel better” battle cry by unlocking the secret to vibrant health with high quality liquid vitamin supplements.

You say "help me feel better" but the doctor had other plans.

Help Me Feel Better Too He Said

Okay, okay, I’m here to help.

Picture this first…

Your doctor struts in the front door of his packed waiting room 32 minutes after his first appointment of the day.

Two impatient patients, Heather and Gloria sound off at the same exact time as if in stereo – “help me feel better”.

Germ riddled sick people surround you.

From the corner of the room, Roger, the man with the broken finger who kept looking at his watch stands up and says in a deep loud voice…  “I need you to help me feel better too. You’re late!”

In a rush to get through to the back office the Doc shyly snickers and says over the corner of his shoulder “I’ll be with you all shortly”.

The nurse begins to herd everyone into their separate rooms when Roger being the loud-mouth that he is yells out…

If you think your Doctor’s going to tell you how to stop getting sick and have you stop saying help me feel better…

You might want to think again!

Well, Roger might just be in a bit of pain from his broken finger and wee-bit aggravated with his long wait in a room packed full of sick people…

But Roger has a valid point.

To be fair, most doctors aren’t mean, dishonest, selfish or greedy little pigs in white coats. The majority really do care when their patient’s say “help me feel better”.

A big problem is that so many doctors do rely too heavily on the “bread and butter” income made from on-going treatments and repeat doctor visits.

Sadly so, they need you to keep saying those magic money words

Help Me Feel Better!

It’s no wonder health care costs are so sky high.

What’s the answer to end the “help me feel better” battle cry trap?

Do what so many other people have already done and unlock the secret to vibrant health, long life and put an end to saying “help me feel better” once and for all.

Bring your body into balance with liquid whole food nutrients found in organic Aloe Vera and this amazing collection of red, brown and green sea vegetables.

While it’s true over 6,000 doctors and health care professionals around the world have recommended this liquid whole food supplements to their patients who say “help me feel better”, but chances are that yours is not one of them.

And if you’re not supplementing your body with nutrient abundant whole food on a daily basis, where in the world are you getting the vital nutrients your body needs to heal and function at its very best?

Don’t think for a second that you can choke down a handful of vitamin and mineral pills everyday and think you’re treating your body well.

That’s not what Mother Nature intended and it’s a known fact that you could be doing your body more harm than good with some of these man-made nutrients on the market.

It’s almost laughable to call them nutrients. But it’s no laughing matter when you or your loved ones have to cry “help me feel better” to doctors on a regular basis.

And if you’re thinking “hey, I eat right and I’m getting all the vital nutrients I need from the foods I eat”.

Then you’d be sadly mistaken.

In the world we live in today much of the farmlands are simply over-farmed. Much of the mineral value has been lost with repeat farming.  Chemicals N-P-K is typically the only nutrients added back in strictly for plant growth… Not for the nutritional value of our food supply.

Because scientific studies confirm these facts, where are you getting the other 60+ minerals and trace minerals your body needs for optimal performance?

One recent example of nutrient drained farm soil is that to get the same nutritional value in one serving of spinach your grandparents grew in fresh dug under-farmed soil you’d need to eat 14 servings today.

Sounds fun, right?  Yeah, I’m not doing that either.

There’s a better way…

It’s a proven liquid whole food supplement that tastes great, is affordable and is easy to get fresh and direct from the manufacturer.

So, when you need a simple, affordable and guaranteed way to help your mind AND your body feel and function at its very best, you need to experience what nutrient rich liquid whole food supplementation can do for you.

Now that you know how to put an end to the “help me feel better” battle cry, all that’s left is for you to start getting your body balanced and stress reduced as soon as you can.


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