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Herbal Body Wrap – I Enjoy Spa Treatments at Home

I use Herbal Body Wrap in my bathwater and left all the wrapping up in wet sloppy body wrap towels behind. It’s easier, just as effective and relaxing.

Review - Why I love my herbal body wrap.

My Herbal Body Wrap Review

Giving my skin an Herbal Body Wrap spa treatment every now and then is an ideal way to ensure that I always look my best.

I consider my skin to be the part of my body that is most exposed to the elements and harsh treatment, since it covers up everything else. At the same time, it is also the part of my body that is representative of the state of my health.

Healthy skin is an indication that my internal body functions are working optimally. Add to that the fact that looking good could never work against me; I have reason enough to take extra good care of my skin.

Herbal Body Wrap for a Low Cost Spa Treatment

A spa body wrap treatment would be ideal, but it is difficult to enjoy this luxury on a regular due to the costs that accompany it. However, I read this body-wrap-review that I came across and thought it would be a great alternative option. It would allow me to do my own spa treatment in the comfort of my home and at my discretion.

This treatment is meant to take good care of the most vital functions of the skin; as a delivery portal and an exit for impurities. You could consider this your DIY spa treatment because it comes with a blend of 27 carefully selected herbs and minerals ready to enjoy.

One of the feature ingredients in this blend is aloe vera. If you know what is best for your skin, then you must know that aloe vera is probably your skin’s best friend. It acts as both a healing agent so your skin quickly recovers from the everyday exposure and in addition, aloe vera carries vital nutrients and topical treatments through your skin. What’s really great is that this DIY spa treatment is easy to prepare and easy to use.

That’s When I Learned about an Herbal Body Wrap Bath

When I first started doing my body wraps I used some terry cloth towels specifically for this purpose along with my bottle of Herbal Body Wrap. After several times of wrapping, unwrapping and cleaning up all the mess afterwards I found out that that this specific type of body wrap could be just as effectively done at home in my bathtub.

This was way cool because now I can do a treatment anytime I want without the need of help wrapping and unwrapping in all of those wet sloppy towels. What a relief!

Herbal Body Wrap comes with easy-to-understand instructions on how to prepare the solution for both the towel wraps and the bathtub method. Once the solution is ready, I pour it right into my clean bathwater. Before, I used to soak the towels in the solution and then wrap them around my body. It takes about a half hour to 45 minutes for the treatment to work, so I usually grab a book and relax.

I used to try my best to give myself a home spa treatment every weekend as recommended, but when I was too busy, I usually managed to do it at least twice a month. You will need to schedule your day appropriately if you are wrapping the old fashioned way using towels so that you have one hour or more of uninterrupted time.

Between prepping, wrapping up for 30 minutes or more and then the cleanup and laundry, I always needed more than an hour but nowadays by using the Herbal Body Wrap in my bathtub I only need about 30 to 45 minutes tops and the cleanup is a breeze.

The best thing about Herbal Body Wrap is that it gives me time to relax on my own too. A little bit of “me-time” if you know what I mean. The treatment is soothing and aromatic, and by the end of it I always feel revitalized. In addition, my skin also gets a toned and firmer appearance at the end of each treatment, which is great. I also try to drink sufficient water every day for the internal benefits to my skin, including detoxification.

The difference I have experienced using the Herbal Body Wrap has been significant, and I have even been complimented lately on several occasions about how good I look. I have also been able to convince my husband that the treatment really works as he sees the proof.

He gives me lots of nice compliments lately too and that’s really great. Now all I have to do is convince him to do one too but so far that has not gone over very well. It’s really great for men and women both and I wish he would just try it once. I know he’ll be hooked.

You can find out more about the Herbal Body Wrap here and the three most popular ways of doing body wraps by clicking here. That’s where you can learn about the different ways of doing a wrap including my all time favorite the Herbal Body Wrap bath.


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