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The Home Body Wrap Sensation

Home body wraps need to be relaxing and easy to use for one person with no mess and these home body wraps require no wrapping up or the expense of a salon.

Doing a home body wrap just got easier.

Doing a home body wrap is supposed to fun and relaxing but all of the preparation and wrapping and unwrapping and clean up – wow, just kind of blows the whole mood a bit don’t you think?

Doing a home body wrap doesn’t need to be a chore.

Let’s face it, body wraps work but doing a home body wrap can be a LOT of work…

That is until now.

The advantages of doing body wraps on a regular basis are numerous but the greatest attraction seems to be the toning and firming of your body.

Secondary, but what should probably be the main reason is to detoxify the skin; your body’s largest organ.

Once you experience a sequence of 4 weeks doing a home body wrap (one a week for four weeks) you would not want to stop and probably wouldn’t if it weren’t for all the work involved in doing a traditional home body wrap.

That’s the biggest reason people pay big money for the luxury of going to a Solon and having somebody else do the wrapping and cleaning up all the mess afterwards.

Hey, pampering is great and all but the price you pay can be a bit bothersome in other areas of your life if you get what I mean.

The cost of going to a salon for full body wrap can be at least five times the cost of doing a home body wrap.

In other words, one trip to the salon can cost as much or more than 5 home body wraps and what you find is that a home body wrap can be even more relaxing, more pampering, and overall more enjoyable than hitting the salon once a week.

The Home Body Wrap Sensation with No Mess:

When you do a home body wrap there is no longer the need to actually “wrap your body” anymore.

Imagine this…

What if you could do something as simple as dump a jar of herbs, healing and detoxifying clay and a mineral rich sea vegetation, all conveniently blended together for you, into a small pot of boiling water.

Now you simmer it and add it to your bath water once cooled to the touch. Your next step is to submerse yourself in a nutrient rich detoxifying liquid. A warm luxurious “body wrap bath” of nourishing liquid encapsulates you.

Detoxifying herbs and minerals surround your entire body and what emerges is a firmer, toner and great feeling you.

You feel peaceful and relaxed, splash a little water around the tub to rinse as you are rinsing your own self off and relax some more because you’re done.

Now Imagine the Traditional Home Body Wrap:

You prepare your home body wrap the same way as above, and always follow the instructions on the label and accompanying information, then you…

Soak towels in it?

Wrap your body in soaked towels.

Wrap plastic wrap over your soaked towels.

Wrap more hot wet towels around your plastic wrap over your other soaked home body wrap towels.

Then wrap blankets over your wet towels that are over your plastic wrap that is over your soaked home body wrapped towels.

And what emerges is the same firmer, toner and great feeling you.

Now reality sinks in and you have to blow your “great feeling me experience” to clean up the darn mess.

Alright, let’s get back to staying relaxed while we do the bathtub home body wrap…

Drain and rinse the tub while you rinse off after your nourishing bath and go enjoy the remainder of your day.

Now come on, you can call me crazy but one of those two home body wraps sound a lot more do able and appealing than the other one.

You can learn more by reading 3 body wrap methods exposed and then when you are ready to get started doing a home body wrap, you’ll probably want to start with an Herbal Body Wrap bath.


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