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Ideal Protein Drinks From 3 Protein Sources

An ideal protein drink will provide a serious advantages if you use the right one. Here's our idea of an ideal protein drink for building leaner muscles.

Now you ran across the most ideal protein drink around.

Now is the age when everything is ready to use and protein drinks are no exception. Preparing protein shakes and protein drinks from raw ingredients are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

You can now purchase protein products that you can readily drink and eat which is helpful on the go or at home.

No more blenders, no more measuring cups and absolutely no more undesirable taste and smell; protein drinks have evolved to a pleasant tasting experience as well as a ready to drink beverage.

But are you getting the right amount of protein from every serving of your protein drinks? Or are you already eating more protein than what you regularly need?

Combination protein drinks that are good for you are a rare breed:

Protein is definitely needed so that you can get leaner and to bulk you up. Drinks that are marketed today are usually made of a particular type of protein (pea, whey, rice, etc…) but it is rare that you would find combination protein drink powder that is ready to use, healthy for you, mixes easily and taste good all at the same time.

First determine what you need from your protein drinks:

You need to pattern a protein supplement drink based on your daily protein needs as well as what you need to get leaner and stronger muscles. Here are several techniques to find the ideal drink made especially for your protein requirements:

  1. Set your goals; are you planning to increase weight, develop muscle or do you just want to become healthier with the use of protein? By determining which activity you plan to do, you can easily control the protein that you take in each day. Technically, you may want to eat and drink more protein when you want to build leaner muscles as opposed to just wanting to be healthier.
  2. If you plan to build muscles, it is therefore important to drink the best protein source of all (unless you are a vegetarian). Whey is a protein source with the highest Biological Value (BV) better than egg, milk and beef. If you intend to build muscles, then consider drinking a combination of whey, rice and pea protein instead of investing in protein sources that have lower BV. A combination protein drink such as this provides a great delivery because they all digest a little differently providing the protein you need during and after your workouts.
  3. Sometimes you may be better off getting protein from the food you eat if you are just planning to be healthier and improve your weight. Protein is very easy to get anywhere; it is present in milk, egg, animal meats and milk products. Remember though that there are required or recommended values for these to get the most out of the benefits of protein in a day. If you’re not getting what you need from your food then supplementation would be important for you also.
  4. If you plan to build leaner and stronger muscles, you need to know how much protein you need to eat in excess. Protein drinks may not be enough to give you excess proteins to build more muscles but they can certainly help you out tremendously. Choose high quality protein sources like lean meat, sea foods, milk, milk products and eggs. Body builders often require an excess of protein per meal serving to achieve their desired form. This is where food and drink supplements come in handy. A coach, fitness trainer or a sports doctor can help you find out the right amount of protein for your goal.
  5. Some drinks made of a particular protein may seem better than the others especially when you have allergies and hypersensitivities. Not all protein drinks are created equal as well as not all protein sources are equal. Some may be best for vegetarians while others are perfect for people who are lactose intolerant. Unless you are entirely opposed to whey, a combination protein powder supplement is the best place to start.

What is an ideal protein drink supplement?

Technically, the ideal protein drinks you choose are up to you. It can be according to your muscle building or workout goals, your health condition as well as your everyday routine. Remember that whatever brand you choose, be sure that they are produced using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as set forth by the FDA.

Your health and safety must be of utmost importance in everything you do so be sure that any protein supplements you take are fresh and from a reputable company with a good record of quality control. A good example is these deluxe protein drinks that use an effective combination of three beneficial protein types, mixes smoothly and easily, and tastes good at the same time. The kind of protein drinks you wish you had discovered a long time ago.


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