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Joint Pain Relief Makes Life Good Again

Joint pain creeps up with daily wear, physical activity and aging. Make joint pain a non-issue and start living pain free with Life Force FlexeoPlus.

FlexeoPlus liquid joint pain relief supplement.

“How’s your joint pain doing these days?” a good friend asked me.

“What joint pain” I said in a laughing tone bundled with a deep sigh of relief.

Well, the reason I asked is because lately the joints in my fingers, elbows and knees have been stiffening up and giving me aches and pains that I never had before. Knowing you were having the same problem a while back I thought I’d see if you knew of a solution.

Yeah, yes I do actually. And what a relief it has been.

Please, tell me more about it…

With Joint Pain Relief – Life Is So Much Better.

Conversations like the above are being heard over and over again since the introduction of Life Force’s FlexeoPlus. This unique liquid health supplement not only supports healthy joint function but it’s really great for people’s bone health as well.

Here at Liquid for Life we really like the fact that FlexeoPlus is a liquid supplement because liquids are far more superior to hard compressed pills or capsules. With the right liquid formula, absorption goes up, cost goes down and the results are greater.

Results like diminished joint pain and more flexibility and feeling good is what we’re after. Check out this short video and see how this young girl uses this joint pain relief formula to soothe her sore muscles. While she is too young to have joint pain issues, the video shows you how FlexeoPlus is great for more than just joints, but also that it helps both the young and older people.

There are three powerful joint pain relief components of the FlexeoPlus product:

  • Liquid Glucosamine
  • Liquid Ipriflavone
  • Liquid MSM

With each of those joint pain relief components being great all on their own, the formulation of FlexeoPlus provides a superior combination of all three that is not only powerful but fast acting too. While your digestive system struggles to break down rock hard pills (10 to 20% absorption only is typical), Liquid FlexeoPlus is quickly absorbed and going to work on those painful hurting joints fast.

The three main components of FlexeoPlus work synergistically to support people’s active lifestyles by reducing the calcium loss from their bones, promote connective tissue and cartilage repair, and promote flexibility for their joints.

Joint Cartilage is a Shock Absorber for Your Bones

When cartilage is damaged, diminished or even completely destroyed it can make your joints hurt. And hurt badly. The reality is that all of your body movements would be much more painful and difficult if you did not have the joint lubrication of synovial fluid and the shock absorbing ability of good healthy cartilage.

Let’s take a look at these seemingly magical joint pain relief  ingredients found in FlexeoPlus…

Joint Pain Relief #1 Liquid Glucosamine:

Glucosamine is a nutrient that occurs naturally. It is often made from shellfish containing glucose and an “amine” (glutamine – which is an amino acid). Normally in most diets it is not present in significant enough of amounts which justifies the importance for supplementing with it.

Glucosamine is a big part of what makes up cartilage and it acts as an important building block that is required by the body to create molecules called glycosaminoglycans. Because of Glucosamine’s ability to help regenerate cartilage, tendons and ligaments and its ability to lubricate the joints it has quickly become one of the most popular supplements around.

Many researchers believe glucosamine beneficially affects the imbalance between rates of synthesis and degradation of the cartilage proteoglycans which pushes the balance more toward synthesis. Researchers have found that three 500 mg servings of Glucosamine done every day have delivered the best results on a constant basis.

By supporting connective tissue it serves as maintenance for healthy flexible joints by giving proper shock absorbing cushioning and as a defense against physical activity strains caused by hard work, training workouts, heavy exercise as well as the effects of aging which comes to all of us naturally.

Joint Pain Relief #2 Liquid Ipriflavone:

The second important and effective ingredient in FlexeoPlus is Ipriflavone and is considered to be the “bone builder”. What it does is actually retard the bone eroding cells called Osteoclasts which allows them to do their thing with much more efficiency. Ipriflavone has also been shown to increase the retention of bone calcium and has even shown the ability to benefit the bone density of the spine.

Ipriflavone occurs naturally in food but the problem is that it’s only apparent in trace amounts, which again explains the reason for supplementing.

In researching, at least 31 clinical studies using 4,298 human patients between 1989 through 2000 were reportedly conducted. Out of these 4,298 test subjects 1,495 of them were treated with Ipriflavone. 18 of these studies focused solely on bone mineral density and were controlled by using placebos. Of these 18 about half of them showed that Ipriflavone either augmented bone density or at a minimum reduced bone loss significantly more than calcium alone. – Osteoporosis Education Project Analysis

When considering the use of Ipriflavone, research supports that splitting doses of 250 to 1,250 mg of Ipriflavone per day promotes the most optimal and desired results.

Joint Pain Relief #3 Liquid MSM:

With a name like Methylsulfonylmethane you’re best served by referring to it using the initials MSM and commonly known by most people. MSM is used commonly to support the function of the joint which is diminished when the cartilage that covers the joint is worn down and/or by the lack of enough synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. Picture lubricating your joints with MSM supplementation in the same way you would put a drop of oil on a squeaky or rusty door hinge.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study suggested that 1,500 mg per day of MSM was helpful in supporting knee function. Participants who took MSM had improved physical functioning; without having major adverse effects. – Usha and Naidu 2004

Through research and study MSM has been shown to support an active lifestyle by helping to protect the cartilage thus allowing people to continue doing weight-bearing activities even as simple as walking and standing.

The synergistic effect of using all three powerful nutrients, Glucosamine, Ipriflavone and MSM is further supported by including zinc, vitamin C and vitamin K in the FlexeoPlus formulation. In addition to this joint formula, oils that are rich in essential fatty acids such as the Omega 3, 6 and 9 found in OsteoOmegaCare have also been linked to proper joint health.

Holding steady to our belief that a well-rounded approach to health and wellness is the best approach we recommend that you use FlexeoPlus in combination with these tips made available through health and fitness professionals:

  • Strength training sessions 3 to 4 times a week to help promote bone growth
  • Do some weight-bearing exercises that put tension on bones to stimulate bone regeneration
  • Stay active because inactivity is often linked with poor bone and muscle health
  • Using only your legs when sitting down or getting up can even make a big positive difference

Taking these thoughts several steps further by eliminating negative habits that may have adverse effects on our lives. Smoking for one is known to be harmful in many ways, but in respect to bone-density smoking depletes the body of vitamin C and decreases blood levels of estrogen. Both are bad for the bones.

Excessive alcohol for another is a bad habit for the bones because it decreases the absorption and increases the excretion of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc and copper. Alcohol can also inhibit the proper functioning of the all important vitamin B6.

Life Force designed FlexeoPlus so that it can be taken every day to help provide your body, your joints, bones, tendons and ligaments the specific nutrients they need for top health. It is important to realize that any positive effects obtained from the ingredients in FlexeoPlus are known to last only as long they are taken so it pays to be consistent.

Joint pain creeps up over the course of time, the daily wear and tear, physical activity and aging coupled with a nutrient deficient diet can lead to weak and injured cartilage, tendons and ligaments. We know that healthy supplementation is important for us to continue staying active, to walk, jump, sprint, and jog and live life happy and joint pain free. With FlexeoPlus (found at you can have a big advantage when it comes to joint pain relief and your overall joint health.

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