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Life Force International Compensation Plan Comparison

A hidden gem in a sea of Network Marketing companies, Life Force International provides a clear compensation plan that sets the standard for quick profits.

When comparing compensation plans, Life Force International provides a good example.Dear Reader,

You really must stop “screwing yourself over” when it comes to earning money in the Network Marketing industry. Not all compensation plans are alike. Some are good, some are bad and some are really great when you learn how to tell the difference.

However, misguided Reps from a multitude of companies all seem to say theirs is the best pay plan around. That’s what they were told to think and say.

That’s not possible and I’m here to help you clear the air because that kind of thinking is wrong and it’s doing you and a lot of other people much harm.

If I sound like I might be talking about you or a company you’re looking at, then you owe it to yourself to take a short break and spend just a few minutes with me here. I will show you how to compare any pay plan AND know how much money you will earn for the work you put in BEFORE going to work.

You do want to know upfront what it’s going to take you to make a profit right?

Let me give you some examples of three most popular pay plans; the uni-level, matrix and binary. In this first example you’ll see what a pay plan needs to look like for you to turn profits fast and ongoing month after month. Use this example to help you compare ANY other Network Marketing pay plan.

Example 1: Life Force International Compensation Plan

Now bare with me for a minute to see if this quick review makes as much sense to you as it does to me… If you were given a choice doing the exact same work for $3 an hour or $40 an hour, which one would you prefer?

Dumb question right?

Well, not really because choosing to work for $3 and hour over $40 is the same bad/dumb/stupid mistake people make over and over again when they enroll into most Network Marketing companies. What’s worse is some people continue to work for $3 an hour EVEN AFTER they find out that they could be earning $40 an hour A LOT EASIER than earning the $3.

What’s with that anyway?

Blind dedication?
Not wanting to admit they made a mistake?
Fear of telling their team they were wrong?
Like doing charity work their company’s profits?
They drank the “kool-aid” and now brainwashed?
Plain stupidity?… What?

…Or is it that most people just can’t figure out a pay plan if their life depended on it?

I promise to make this as simple as possible for you and if you have a question, all you need to do is ask. I really am here to support you.

It’s true that most Network Marketing compensation plans are hard to understand. Hint: Many companies do that on purpose then they tout “We have the best pay plan in the industry!”, hoping you can’t figure out their dirty little secrets.

Yeah right, the best pay plan for who you should ask… The company or YOU the independent representative?

Most hide the truth by using “smoke and mirrors” techniques to jazz people up on big money promises while hiding the details of how difficult it is to reach those big numbers they boast so loudly and proudly about.

But My Company Pays Out Big On First Orders

So what?

Heavy upfront commissions are great but only if the monthly residuals work out in your favor AFTER that ONE TIME Fast Start upfront payout is over.

Who cares if you get a $50 to $60 upfront payout on the first $100bv order if you’re only getting $2 to $5 every month after? That’s like working a job for somebody else for less than minimum wage.

Something you probably want to avoid.

It’ll take you years to build up a decent residual income at that rate. Plus, you’ll have to work your butt off trying to replace people dropping out because nobody else is making any decent long-term money either.

It’s called “Revolving Door Syndrome”.

How to Solve this Common Pay Plan Problem

The main body of any good Network Marketing organization is made up mostly of casual business builders and customers.

The backbone is the full-time and part-time builders that take their business seriously.

A good company and pay plan needs to work out equally well for all 5 participants:

The Company
The Customers
The Casual Business Builders
The Part-timers
The Full-timers

Want to see what a REAL “best in the industry” pay plan REALLY looks like? Follow along with me here and I’ll give you some good examples you can use to compare ANY Company Pay Plan with another side-by-side.

There are 2 ways to compare one plan with another (note that BV is Business Volume and CV is Commission Volume – they are basically the same exact thing):

1. If you’re wanting to compare a uni-level or matrix pay plan that’s pretty easy. Simply exchange the % the company pays on each level with the % found in the charts in the video below. Just change out the percentages and add up the totals exactly like the examples in the video.

2. If you are wanting to compare a uni-level or matrix with a binary compensation pay plan it’s going to be a little harder because you’ll need to first find out how much money does each $100bv order pay you. Here’s how to find this out because if you’re looking at or working a binary marketing plan, you need to understand this.

One popular binary program out there pays $25 per cycle. A cycle is triggered when you hit $240cv on your weak side and $480cv on your stronger side. Adding those up you have a total of $720cv that pays you a whopping $25 or 3.47%. You should be running for the hills upon hearing that.

Now back to comparing this binary with any uni-level or matrix all you have to do is replace the percentages in the charts on the video below with 3.47%. To get the dollar amount simply multiply 3.47% for each $100bv = $3.47 paid out.

Read that again; you’ll earn $3.47 for each $100bv order in this binary example. If that’s not bad enough, keep in mind that you have to keep your two legs balanced with at least 1/3 of the CV in one leg and 2/3 in the other. It’s entirely possible to have $1,000,000cv in one leg and EARN NOTHING at all. The $3.47 for each $100bv is the best case scenario… $3.47 is the most money that could possibly be made per $100bv IF it was built perfectly with the 1/3 to 2/3 balance.

That never happens so it’s a hidden guarantee you will never earn the full $3.47. It’s so sad that people do not understand this before joining a binary program and wasting their time, energy, money and their dreams.

“The binary is by far the best compensation plan if you own the company. It’s the worst if you’re an average, even above average representative trying to build residual income.”

But My Binary Company Pays a Matching Income!

Again, So What – Who Cares?

At $3.47 per $100bv in orders with a perfectly balanced binary is nothing to brag about. Remember… in order to earn a “Matching Income” your personally sponsored Reps need to MAKE AN INCOME FIRST before there’s anything there to match.

This is just another gimmick to make you think you think it’s a great pay plan but nothing more than more than thick “smoke and mirrors” antics. Sad, sad, so sad.

No matter what company you decide to promote, watch this short video so you’ll never ever get “hoodwinked” by a shady or difficult to understand compensation plan ever again.

Compare the Life Force International compensation plan with any other company.

In watching this video you are getting to the bottom of what makes a compensation plan worth your time and effort or not. After watching, you will be able to PROVE what company pays you the most for your efforts… Just swap out the percentages or dollar cost per order and add up the numbers to reveal the true facts for any company you want to compare.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about doing comp plan comparisons or any questions regarding the cash-flow rich Life Force International compensation plan.

Here for your support,

Marc Dockweiler

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