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The Life Force Body Balance Opportunity Review

In this Life Force review we break down Life Force Body Balance as it applies to the Life Force network marketing opportunity.

New Life Force Body Balance in review

Reviewing Life Force Body Balance

The Heart of the Life Force Opportunity

Let’s review for a moment this product Body Balance because it is a key part of the Life Force opportunity. Life Force Body Balance and their other products like the newest BENew weight loss program are what make this whole opportunity possible.

To get to the heart of the Life Force opportunity, watch this Body Balance video to see one of the many reasons why the Life Force opportunity is so darn great.

What’s in Life Force Body Balance?

First of all, Life Force Body Balance is whole food nutrition. Why’s that so important? Because a lot of vitamin supplements are synthetics, they’re isolates, they’re derivatives. They’re not whole food. What you’re taking in most of those capsules and pills is not food.

You see, the human body was designed to get what it needs from foods not pills. Even more important if you don’t have the minerals you can’t use the vitamins. Now this is not necessarily common knowledge. But if you’re in the health profession you might have figured this out a while ago.

Whole food is the only way to achieve optimal health. And because Life Force products are a liquid, it’s in a highly absorb-able form and loaded with many liquid vitamins and minerals.

When you take Life Force liquids your getting 90 to 95% of the value of that liquid you’re putting in you’re body. With pills and capsules um not so much. Maybe you’re getting 10 – 15% maybe with a good one you could push 20% at best.

Let’s use an example here…

You buy $100 in pills and capsules and you’re getting 10 – 20% of the value — $20 vs. $100. Not so great eh? Buy the same $100 of Life Force liquid supplements and you’re getting $90 to $95 value in your body. Pretty important difference wouldn’t you think? Especially when you consider that it’s all whole food nutrients you’re getting into your body.

What are the ingredients of Life Force Body Balance?

Nine prime nutrient packed Sea Vegetables! Why are the sea vegetables in Life Force Body Balance so important? Let me explain something really briefly about the cycle of agriculture.

Minerals are depleted from over farmed soil. Say you have a little farm or maybe you’re a big farmer and you crop your land multiple times a year as most farmers typically do. Look, if the nutrients are being depleted from the farmers soil, it’s not going to be in the plant.

Get it? That makes sense right?

And most importantly the minerals. Experts agree that vitamins are pretty much useless without essential minerals. If the minerals are not in the soil the plant is not going to magically make them appear. It has to come from somewhere and it has to come from the soil.

A lot of these critical minerals in our soil make it to the ocean through erosion and the ocean itself sits in vast pockets of the mineral rich earth crust. This is this important because what grows in the ocean?

The Sea Vegetables used in Body Balance!

These sea veggies pick up these minerals and turn them into an ionic food that your body was designed to recognize.

There are over 3,000 different varieties of sea vegetables and sea algae – and humans can only eat a very small spectrum of them. At Life Force we’ve taken 9 of the most nutrient dense sea vegetables (red, green and brown) and put them in a tasty drink we call Life Force Body Balance that you and your family can enjoy each and every day.

With Life Force Body Balance you can flood your body with vitamins, minerals, important trace and ultra trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients and it all comes from whole food.

Life Force Body Balance Benefits

All these things your body needs in food form to enjoy spectacular radiant health, absolutely radiant plus, Life Force Body Balance also contains organic Aloe Vera. Have you ever used Aloe Vera?

Most people have at some point. When you get a cut, a scrape or a burn on your skin and you put Aloe Vera liquid or gel on it, it feels soothing and it heals fast. You can see what Aloe does on your skin. So what would you think if you had the opportunity to have a great tasting way take Aloe Vera inside your body everyday and it begins working on your digestive system?

From there it starts working out through your organs, hair, teeth, nails and skin. Do you think your body would start to look and feel better? Sure, most certainly. You bet it would.

Here’s the Greatest Life Force Endorsement

Life Force has had over 6,000 doctors and health care practitioners use and recommend the Life Force products to their clients. That’s a pretty stunning figure when you think about it.

I mean there’s lots of health products out there that have maybe one doctor or a health care practitioner recommend their products but thousands and thousands of health care practitioners have used and recommend our Life Force products for more than 30 years.

But the only way you’ll know for sure if this product works for you or not is to try it; to use it in your own body. See what it does for you. See if…

  • You have more vitality.
  • Your immune system works better.
  • If you have better mental functioning.
  • If you’re sleeping better, less aggravated and less stressed about life.
  • Maybe you’ll lose some weight.
  • Maybe for those of you needing to, you can gain a little weight.

The name says it all. It’s called Body Balance for a good reason. Life Force Body Balance is designed to bring your body back into its natural balance by feeding your cells nutrients they can easily use.

The Life Force Opportunity could rest on Body Balance alone!

  • Life Force has been around for over 30 years now.
  • Life Force is proud to hold the highest rating possible from the Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating) and has a great reputation and excellent customer service.

How Does Life Force Work as a Network Marketing Company?

Put very simply…

Use the Life Force products and share them with others. You and anyone you share these products with will buy at wholesale, try Body Balance or any products and you are not happy with your experience for any reason Life Force will buy the empty bottles back from you for full price under our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

A 90 day risk-free trial makes it very attractive for anyone to put Body Balance to the test and gives you enough time to appreciate the results and to get a feel for the business we’re in.

If you are or ever have been involved in a network marketing type business, compare for yourself what you need to do just to breakeven in that business. It’s completely crazy how most companies want you to work for such little return. On top of the great pay with Life Force there are no membership fees either!

Okay, I’ve said enough. You must put Life Force to your own test and the best way to do that is to order an 8-pack of Body Balance and try it out. Life Force International is a 30 year old reputable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and exceptional customer service.

Jump on the Opportunity to Test Life Force Body Balance Risk-Free

Here’s what to do. Commit for 90 days of drinking Life Force Body Balance while testing the product and the business. Place your order on monthly auto-ship and get the lowest wholesale, factory direct price that you can find anywhere. Auto-ship is so easy to change or cancel on a toll free phone number even before you get your first shipment so it’s smart to go ahead and save the extra money.

So, order up an 8-pack of Body Balance, try it for yourself and if you do not completely agree that it and the business will benefit you, simply call and ask for a refund using our 90 full satisfaction guarantee. You won’t even be asked why. In other words “Try it, like the product or business or Life Force will buy the empty bottles back for full price” with no questions asked.


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