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Life Force has New Advancements

Every month we see Life Force grow as our winning Life Force Members advance in the ranks of their distributorship and June was no exception to the rule.

Congratulations to Life Force advancing members

Join with me in giving a round of congratulations to these outstanding Life Force Members for their recent achievements in the month of June. With Life Force, every month that goes by we see advancement after advancement coming from the ranks of our distributing members.

At times, the advancements range from the smaller bronze and silver ranks and others will be the diamond level and above. These are very significant increases in not only rank but the commission pay that these winners are now achieving.

Direct From Life Force International:

One of the great fruits of labor is being able to achieve things you previously only had dreams about. With the added income from a Life Force commission check, you may no longer have to imagine what a vacation with your children would be like-you can instead sit down and plan it with them!

Our June Rank Advancements are making their dreams come true. Please join us in congratulating them by sending a special salute to Life Force’s newest 2 Star Diamond, 1 Star Diamond, Diamond and Platinum members!

Brand New 2 Star Diamond:
Manfred & Ana Raunigg
from Takaka, New Zealand

Brand New 1 Star Diamond:
Way2Wise Health LLC
Francie O’Shea & Robert Williams
from Corvallis, OR

Brand New Diamond:
Franziska Friese
from Halswell, New Zealand

Brand New Platinums:
1. Katrina Bayless – Second position
from Topeka, KS

2. Jessica L. Mueller
from Thornton, CO

3. Wellness Shines – Second position
Shelley Hines from Wendell, MA

4. Rachel Burgess
from Temuka, New Zealand

Make July the month that you get one step closer to your dream vacation by achieving your next highest rank and helping your team do the same!  ~ The Life Force Team

What a Great Life Force Accomplishment for These People

The type of victory that you are seeing above doesn’t just happen so easily in most companies being touted as a great opportunity. Most product distributors are faced with a problem of offering products nobody wants or they get paid close to dirt nothing for their efforts.

With Life Force people are achieving their dreams through products that are in demand and a pay structure that rewards people at every level whether it be a new associate or a Royal Crown Diamond.

To learn more simply browse around to learn more about important products like Body Balance and the lucrative pay schedule that you too can achieve. If you have questions, click the “Contact Us” link above and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and help get you started with Life Force when you are ready.


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