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Liquid Aloe Vera: The Miracle of Millennia

Very few plants have been given as much attention from health experts as aloe vera. Liquid aloe vera has even been referenced as “the miracle of millennia”.

Drinking liquid aloe vera juice is a good health choice.

Aloe vera has been used by man for medicinal and nutritional purposes for thousands of years. Modern science is catching up, and now research scientists have been confirming many of the health benefits of liquid aloe vera that herbalists and Asian medicine experts have long known about.

This isn’t the first time that modern science has played catch-up with folk medicine and it probably won’t be the last time either.

Most people know about aloe vera gel whether it comes in a package or from a fresh cut leaf of the aloe vera plant. However, its the drinking of liquid aloe vera juice that is popular among health professionals due to its incredible health benefits.

Why Is Liquid Aloe Vera Good For You?

Modern scientists have discovered that aloe vera offers so many health benefits that the term “miracle plant” isn’t really too far off the mark:

  • It has lots of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are good for your health.
  • It’s great for your bowels. It helps increase the levels of good bacteria in your intestines that aid in digestion. It helps repair ulcers, and also relieves lots of inflammatory conditions in your gut. Generally, with aloe vera your digestion should improve significantly—it even helps in getting rid of intestinal worms!
  • It fights off bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It helps your immune system detoxify your system, and also reduces the effects of seasonal allergies.
  • It improves blood circulation. Aloe vera can help reduce blood clots in your arteries, and also reduces fatty deposits. This improvement is especially evident in people with diabetes.
  • The improvement in your digestion and the more effective detox in your system also lead to another secondary benefit—they help you lose weight. The lightened toxic load in your system enables you to have more energy too.

Eating vs. Drinking Liquid Aloe Vera

While you can eat raw aloe vera, it can be a bit complicated. First of all, don’t eat it raw—the taste can be horrible. And besides, you’re not really supposed to do it that way!

You have to cut it up a little. Get about an inch of aloe vera leaf, and then cut off all that dark green skin until you only have the translucent part left. That’s the part that’s edible, although it’s still very bitter. Then you can take that part and mix it with juice—cranberry is good—so you can get all the health benefits in a liquid aloe vera form that actually tastes great.

Liquid Aloe Vera Mixed Drinks

Of course, there’s an easier way—you just drink liquid aloe vera without the tedious preparation! There are some products out there which have already prepared aloe vera in juice form. The only problem here is that instead of chugging different types of pills and capsules you’ll have to drink dozens of different health drinks to keep you trim and healthy. After all, aloe vera is not the only thing you need to be healthy.

The solution to that is to choose a drink like Body Balance, for example, that’s already prepared with many different healthy whole food ingredients. The other ingredients help to completely enhance the taste of the liquid aloe vera, and they’re extremely good for you as well. This way is much easier, quicker, more effective and much more affordable than buying these many different types of juiced sea vegetables and mixing them with aloe vera on your own.

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