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Liquid Supplements: Health and Nutrition Champions

It’s nearly impossible to get your daily required nutrients from food alone and that’s why people are making these liquid supplements a part of their life.

Healthy liquid supplements can help nutrient deficencies.

Even the most dedicated fan of healthy, nutritious food – of which vegetables and fruits are the prime examples – would have to agree that it is close to impossible to get the required nutrients from these types of food alone, on a daily basis. That’s one of the major reasons that the need for liquid supplements has become pronounced in recent years, with a great number of people making it a strong part of their daily routine.

Non-organic Produce

In themselves, fruits and vegetables pack a wallop, as far as having the best in life-sustaining, wellness-enriching, and health-maintaining nutrients are concerned. However, due to a number of reasons, the practicality of relying solely on fruits and vegetables for proper nutrition has been compromised.

For one thing, the way that produce has been cultivated has a great effect on the quality of fruits and vegetables, particularly on how nutritious they actually are.

The best kind of produce is, of course, organically grown. That means nothing artificial was introduced to the planting material at any time during all the processes involved in food production, from planting, to growing, and harvesting. Some of the best liquid supplements are produced from organically grown whole foods.

But for produce that is commercially-grown, it has been standard procedure for some time now, to make use of chemical inputs such as weed killers, inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, and growth boosters to come up with a harvest that is of huge quantity, is massive in size, and has the least blemish, in the soonest possible time. This is done with an eye towards increasing profits for the growers but in regards to the nutritional benefits, no so much.

As for the end-consumers, well, it would appear that their health and wellness, and most especially their need for proper nutrition is relegated to the sidelines, and is given importance second only to the need to maintain a good profit margin.

For those who have a high level of concern regarding chemical inputs in the produce that they eat, liquid supplements have gained much importance.

The reason for this is that these kinds of supplements, such as Life Force International’s Body Balance, contains more than 120 nutrients that come from both land and aquatic plants that are naturally grown and hand-harvested; retaining much of their essential vitamins and minerals, without being chemically compromised.

Seasons and Weather Conditions

Another factor that could negatively impact our supply of nutrients could be seasonal and weather conditions at the time nearest to harvest, and during the harvest itself. In bad weather, harvests of produce are affected. During changes of the seasons, some produce are not available, because it wasn’t their time to be grown and harvested.

Of course, it is possible to come up with substitutes that can provide the nutrients that you need, from whatever is available. For example, if spinach was your main source of potassium, and it just so happens that spinach or other dark leafy greens that are rich in potassium were not immediately available in your area, but bananas were available, then you could easily replace the spinach with the banana.

However, you would also need to consider the nutrient make-up of each vegetable or fruit that you are considering to use as substitutes. What if you needed potassium, and Vitamins C and E, as well? How sure can you be that the nutritional composition of the produce that you are comparing is the same?

Also, unless you were very knowledgeable about serving sizes and calories involved, as well as nutrient density, it would pretty much require guesswork on your part. In effect, your health and nutritional needs could be compromised.

The use of liquid supplements removes this kind of risk. Since the nutrient dense supplements are already conveniently packaged and easily available, there is no need to employ guesswork, or place your well-being at risk.

Liquid Supplements “Take on” Pills and Tablets

On top of the previously mentioned concerns, you’d also have to consider palate-ability and efficiency. Those who take vitamins in pill and tablet form for a long time often end up complaining that they eventually end up disliking what they are doing, and instead of complying with the dosages required, they skip taking their vitamins altogether. There are those who have even raised the issue of swallowing pills and tablets as getting harder and harder over time.

Naturally, when you end up disliking what you’re taking into your body and abandon, you won’t get any of the nutrients that you require. So, your pills and tablets, which are supposed to be your dietary supplements for health and wellness, just get wasted.

Liquid supplements, on the other hand, taste good, are convenient to drink and swallow, and are packed with vitamins, liquid trace minerals, liquid amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and more goodness that can only come from a whole food liquid vitamin supplement.

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