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Nori Health Benefits In Body Balance

A favorite for many who enjoy Japanese food, Nori has topped our list of the top nine sea vegetables in the world because of its amazing healthful benefits.

We had to look no further than Nori to complete the sea vegetable list.

If you love Japanese cuisine, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard of nori. It’s a seaweed (nori is a Japanese word), and you usually see it as sheets that are used to wrap sushi. Sometimes, though, it’s sliced and toasted to garnish meals.

In the US, its popularity is growing, not only because of the enduring taste for Japanese food but also because of the health benefits it gives.

What Makes Nori So Good for Your Health?

Nori has been part of Japanese cuisine for considerably more than a thousand years. But modern research has caught up, and now scientists have started to realize why it’s so beneficial to people’s health:

  • While many edible types of seaweed are acknowledged to contain lots of nutrients, among them all, nori has one of the highest concentrations of nutrients.
  • It gives you protein, vitamins A, B, and C, fiber, and iron.
  • It boosts your energy.
  • It helps keep your liver, eyes, hair, and skin healthy.
  • It helps keep you alert and sharp by helping to maintain the function of your central nervous system.
  • It has very few calories.
  • It’s an anticoagulant, which helps prevent blood clots and lowers the risk of stroke.
  • It helps in preventing high cholesterol.
  • It also has magnesium, with can reduce inflammation and even migraine headaches.

Here’s what Life Force says about the nori sea vegetables that they put in their Body Balance product due to the many health benefits it provides:

The Japanese consume approximately 10 billion sheets of nori per year, and for good reason-for centuries it has long been purported as a food that supports longevity.

Nori contains one of the highest concentrations of nutrients of all seaweeds, with as much protein as soybeans. It also supplies calcium and iron in qualities and qualities ideal for regular consumption. Nori also is vibrantly flavorful, and contains a rich reservoir of 12 essential vitamins, including A and B vitamins:

Two sheets of nori contain daily recommended amounts of Vitamin A, B1, and B2 and it yields twice the amount of Vitamin C as tangerines, and retains its vitamin C profile even when heated.

Now if you’re not a fan of Japanese cuisine, you can still take advantage of the numerous health benefits that nori provides. All you need to do is to drink Body Balance, which has nori as one of its ingredients.

Regardless though, you should drink Body Balance even if you’re a fan of Japanese food because it’s not only tasty and refreshing, but it also has 8 other healthy sea vegetable ingredients that can help you stay fit. With Body Balance, you’ll have nori, and a whole bunch of other healthy sea vegetation in one great tasting drink.

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