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Debunking Some Common Nutritional Beliefs

Did you know that all carbs are not bad, all calories aren’t the same and saturated fat can be good for you? Let’s debunk some of these nutritional beliefs.

Your nutrition belief is your starting point.

Mistaken Nutritional Belief #1 – Carbs are Bad for You

This is wrong. All carbohydrates are not bad for you but you need to know that some are; and some are good for you. Carbs are one of the fastest available sources of fuel for your body but burning that fuel must go hand-in-hand with eating it.

All carbs are not created equally alike in the sense that brown rice is different from white rice. While the carb calorie count may be virtually the same, the brown rice will have more fiber and some health fats making them digest differently. The same thing goes for bread. Whole wheat bread is much different than white bread even when calorie counts are nearly the same.

Paying attention and staying within the guidelines is key here. Carb calories can add up fast. Two slices of toast, a doughnut or waffle in the morning combined with a sandwich at lunch and a cup or two of pasta for dinner and you’re easily over your carb intake for the day let alone any chips, sweet snacks, alcoholic or sugary beverages you might consume.

Carbs are not bad for you but you need to pay close attention to the type you are consuming as well as the amount that you consume each day.

Mistaken Nutritional Belief #2 – All Calories are Equal

Do we really have to spell this one out? You already understand that the calories you eat with a pint of ice cream are not the equivalent to the same amount of calories you’d get eating vegetables. 800 calories of vegetable will burn up quickly in your body where the same 800 calories in ice cream would get stored as fat.

  • One notable study on this topic placed 1600 people into three different diets:
  • The low fat diet had the worst results.
  • The high protein high carb diet had good results in regards to losing weight but people could not stick to it long term.
  • The low glycemic diet which favors whole foods rather than processed had the greatest long-term results.

It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with minimally processed carbs. If you take three servings of refined carbohydrates and substitute one of fruit, one of beans and one of nuts, you could eliminate 50 percent of diet-related disease in the United States. These relatively modest changes can provide great benefit. David Ludwig is the director of the study and you can find more details here:, or the Journal of the American Medical Association:

Mistaken Nutritional Belief #3 – All Saturated Fat is Bad

For too many years we’ve learned that saturated fat was bad for your body. It would raise your cholesterol, possibly cause you heart disease and clog up our arteries. Facts are that’s not true at all as updated research shows otherwise. Some of these saturated fats are really good for you to consume.

Researchers have long known that there are many kinds of saturated fats, and they are handled differently by the body when consumed. Stearic acid, a type of saturated fat found naturally in cocoa, dairy products, meats, and poultry, as well as palm and coconut oils, does not raise harmful LDL cholesterol but boosts beneficial HDL cholesterol levels. Source: Julie Upton, MS, RD, Cooking Light Magazine.

The Bottom Line is that Good Nutrition Matters!

Natural whole foods, found in nature around the world, are the foundation of good nutrition and the basis for your good health. In “Lose Weight with a Good Nutrition Plan” we dig a little deeper into the basic food groups and take a look at why it’s important even if you do not want to lose weight. We’ll also cover how you can make a few changes that are simple and easy ways to make good nutrition work in your favor.

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