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Nutritional Drinks for Adults

Using nutritional drinks that are quality, tasty and effective is important. Learn what to look for in your nutritional drinks and what to avoid.

Nutritional drinks that adults really love.

Nutritional drinks are great for everyone wanting a way to get the daily nutrition they need but are probably not getting in the foods they eat.

This is even more important for seniors. Elderly people have a more difficult time digesting foods and a highly absorb-able liquid nutritional drink may be all that is needed to enjoy many years of good health.

Could Nutritional Drinks Stave Off Illness?

Seniors are more susceptible to a case of malnutrition, and having poor nutrition can exacerbate existing sicknesses as well as put the person at risk of other illnesses. Some of these are osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, pneumonia, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and even cancer. Malnutrition can also contribute to mental confusion, fatigue and chronic stress which can greatly affect a person’s overall well being.

People over the age of 70, especially those who live alone or are housebound are more vulnerable to malnutrition. The level of risk increases for those who have poor appetite and do not have an intake of balanced meals. The elderly need more nutrition now than ever so one should consume foods from all the different food groups and supplement with a good quality nutritional drink.

Aside from having a complete and balanced diet, it is important to let the elderly drink more water to keep them hydrated. However, most of the elderly find water dull and boring and this is where fresh juices and nutritional drinks come in.

Since the elderly requires more vitamins, minerals and nutrients even from the fluids they consume, a person taking care of them must make sure to stay away from canned or over processed beverages. Keep everything they take in as fresh as possible. However if the preparation of fresh fruit and vegetable juices take a lot of time, one can opt to give them nutritional drinks instead.

Nutritional drinks are healthy vitamins and liquid minerals in a form of ready-to-drink liquid or powder. They may come as a juice, milk or other types of fluid when ready to be consumed. They give adequate amount of nutrients that the elderly need. They are dietary supplements that complete the required daily intake of various healthy vitamins and minerals, giving the user a nicely balanced diet.

What Are the Best Nutritional Drinks Available?

There are a lot of nutritional drinks available in drugstores, supermarkets, independent dealers and even in online stores. Although there is no prescription required to purchase them, it is important to seek a professional dietician or nutritionist first before just including any nutritional supplement in the diet of an elderly person.

Make sure to read the label first of the nutritional drinks you are interested in buying. Avoid those that include phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, synthetic dyes and colorings, processed or synthetic vitamins and altered food starches as these are not good for one’s health.

Use Only Nutritional Drinks Made From Whole Food

What’s important though is that it is made from whole foods so for the most part, if you can eat or drink liquid food, whether you’re young or elderly, you can probably drink a liquid whole food supplement and enjoy all of the great nutritional benefits that it holds.

Good quality nutritional drinks should not only help provide the needed boosters for the system of an elderly, but also help to cleanse the colon, and even normalize the pH levels of the body.

It should also have dietary fiber that aids in the metabolic processes helping in digestion, cravings reduction and glandular system nourishment to help to keep the body healthy and properly functioning. It should also increase the energy level of the user, as well as support one’s overall well being while providing a baseline foundation for good health.

One really great example of nutritional drinks you can find out in the market today is Body Balance. Body Balance has SeaNine, a blend of nine different sea vegetables loaded with ultra-trace minerals and phyto-nutrients, and liquid Aloe Vera which contains 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, 12 vitamins, 20 minerals and 18 amino acids. When looking at all of the nutritional drinks out there Body Balance sure looks hard to beat.


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