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Reviewing the Perfect Protein Smoothie

When we wanted to review the perfect protein smoothie we tested several protein shake powders to find a perfect liquid protein supplement to build muscle.

In review today is the perfect protein smoothie.

When you want to maximize your workouts and gain real lean muscle fast, delicious protein smoothies may be your perfect ticket. Drinking premium protein smoothies will help you build more lean body mass faster as you work your muscles and build strength.

Bodybuilders know the power of quality protein smoothies firsthand…

Every weightlifting enthusiast knows that to build more lean muscle you need to take in amino acids; amino acids are the building blocks of protein. On top of making sure you have adequate amounts of amino acids is to make sure your body digests, absorbs and makes every bit of protein usable in order to activate the benefits of amino acids to a cellular level.

What you need are amino acid rich protein smoothies that will provide high quality sources of protein that is incomparable with any other protein supplement product.

An ideal protein shake smoothie formulation will include three important protein sources:

  • Rice – rice protein is easily digestible, this type of protein is gluten-free, is perfect for vegetarians and anyone who is suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. It contains essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, a rich source of fiber and carbohydrates.
  • Pea – pea protein is a perfect source of digestible protein. It is also gluten-free, hypoallergenic and has a high level of branched chain amino acids which are essential in making lean muscle and to support the body after every workout. BCAA includes leucine, isoleucine and valine. There are also many health benefits of protein; it has been known to reduce hypertension and treat chronic kidney disease.
  • Whey – a whey protein source is considered natural and generally high-quality protein. Aside from providing essential amino acids needed to make your body leaner is can also help control blood sugar levels after a workout. This type of protein can also be beneficial in preventing osteoporosis.

So considering protein smoothies that have all three of those amazing protein sources, you can now maximize all your workout routines by making every gram of protein count. A special blend using all three types of protein is the most ideal smoothie you could possibly make. To combine plant proteins and animal proteins from milk makes for very good use.

A result of this combination in your protein smoothies would be:

  • Protein formulas that will help you build muscle as you do your daily workout routines and to help repair muscle tissue that has been damaged post workout. This product would work before, during and continuously after you workout.
  • A protein formula that contains no soy which is considered fewer essential fatty acids, fiber and lecithin. Some who drink soy protein experience gas, flatulence and hypersensitivity. Soy can also disrupt hormone levels in some people as well.
  • A protein formula that will promote healthy metabolism, increased energy before and even after workouts and of course, improved stamina during a very hectic workout.
  • A protein formula that will benefit you down to the cellular level especially for cell repair and for creating new muscle cells.
  • A protein formula that will encourage you to have better and healthy eating habits, improve your mood and support you in every aspect of your entire workout. Before and afterwards.
  • A protein formula that not only supplies high quality amino acid rich proteins but also important vitamins, calcium, folic acid and many other important nutrients.

Making protein smoothies is easy to do:

Preparing high quality protein smoothies is really very easy; you can even mix it with your favorite liquid drink, mix in fruits, milk, yogurt and other natural flavors like vanilla, chocolate and carob.

Typically 2 level scoops of the protein powder in water or in a fruit smoothie is perfect when you want a refreshing pick up drink after a hard workout. Blend up some ice with your smoothie for a nice cold shake.

For best results always drink protein smoothies daily…

You should always drink protein smoothies daily even when you are not scheduled for a workout to quickly replenish your muscles with renewed energy and strength. And your choice should always include taking advantage of the benefits using all three of these amazing protein sources in one product.

When you want to experience the power of rice, pea and whey protein, a magnificent trio indeed, we have found one protein supplement that always comes out on top – Life Force AminoCharge. If your want to feel what amino acid rich protein smoothies can do for your workout, muscle mass, waistline and mood, this is the only protein shake powder you will ever need.

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