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3 Trusted Protein Sources Good for Daily Use

In search for the good quality protein sources we find three that pass the test and blend well together. Read about rice, pea and whey protein sources here.

We found the best protein sources for mixing.

Looking at protein sources, three stand out from the crowd. Rice, pea and whey protein are each great protein sources alone but it is almost magical when you combine all three together.

3 Protein Sources That Make a Powerful Protein Supplement:

That’s right. Three protein sources that work together in an almost magical way.

Protein Source #1 – Whey

Whey protein is an excellent source of the essential amino acid leucine, which is vital for muscle growth. Therefore for the average person, the avid exerciser and the body builder, this means that they will gain more lean muscle tissue and be able to lower their body fat.

Whey protein also increases Glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant needed to boost a healthy immune system and whey contains the protective anti-microbial, lactoferrin. Therefore it has also been discovered that whey protein may possess anti- inflammatory or anti-cancer properties. It is also beneficial for weight loss because it helps to optimize the body’s intake of all of the macro- and micro-nutrients which are needed for good health.

Protein Source #2 – Rice

Rice protein digests at a different rate than whey. When choosing rice protein one of the best to look for is brown rice protein powder. Brown rice is considered to be an excellent source of selenium which is an important mineral needed to produce some types of proteins and antioxidant enzymes in your body. It will also help you to lower cholesterol and possible reduce the risk of diabetes.

Protein Source #3 – Pea

Pea protein powder is not only affordable but it gives daily supplements of needed amino acids in order for a body to properly function. It also has high protein content and this is necessary for muscle building. Pea protein among other things is also good for digestion, is shown to help with kidney function as it helps to detoxify our bodies, will lower bad cholesterol, and is gluten and lactose free.

Proteins come from whole food sources and are rich in amino acids and micro-nutrients. Protein itself is the building block for all of your body parts which include muscles, bone, hair and nails.

Three Protein Sources Blended Together:

Since all of these 3 proteins provide things which are needed for your overall health you can imagine how powerful a combination of all three could be to give you more strength to your body systems and give you added vitality and energy.

Keep in mind that with protein shakes which include beneficial nutrients along with a very health boost of proteins like rice, pea and whey, you can use them as supplements for at least one meal a day to assist you in losing weight as well.

This powerful trio has also been known to boost your mood and brainpower. Overall you can understand the reasons why protein powders are an ideal choice for your daily life. They are a convenient source of protein for a busy life with people always on the go.

Whey protein helps build lean muscle and increase our recovery levels from exercise and is a great alternative protein source for those who chose to avoid eating meat products. Combine it with rice and pea protein sources which also have their own unique benefits and you have yourself one powerful protein shake and your body will love you for it.


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