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Health Benefits of Red Seaweed

Red seaweed is a rich source of nutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, complex carbs, and minerals and now red sea vegetables are easy to find.

Red seaweed from the ocean depths.

Red seaweed or sea vegetables and algae as they are sometimes called hold many beneficial nutrients that are important to people’s health.

 Red Seaweed Thrives in Deep Ocean Waters.

The red marine algae or red sea vegetable tends to live much deeper in oceans than other species however the Japanese have harvested them for years. Their color comes from phycoerythrin and some of the plants main health benefits are in its nutritional profile. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals and is a source of high quality protein.

One cup or a 4 ounce serving of dried red seaweed has around 9 grams of fat and 27 grams of carbohydrates. It also provides practically a whole gram of omega-3 fatty acids which have been known to lower ones risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is known that dietary fiber can aid in improving the health of the heart by helping to regulate blood sugar levels and will promote healthy weight by making the stomach feel full and therefore decreasing the intake of food.

Red Seaweed Health Benefits:

Red seaweed also contains a lot of calcium and magnesium and these may help to lower blood pressure. Keep in mind that dried marine algae includes the benefits typically seen in most animal meat. It is a known source of heme iron an iron that is in a complex with amino acids and it can prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

The dried red seaweed contains 32 grams or 180 % of the daily value of iron per cup. This type of seaweed is also a rare vegetarian source of total protein and has all of the amino acids which are required for the diet. These amino acids are needed for tissue repair and growth.

Red seaweed is high in nutrients which aid in supporting the health of your bones. It is a great source of calcium and has 13% of the daily value per cup along with 55 percent of the daily value for magnesium – two minerals that work very well together.

If you choose to dine at a traditional Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant you are sure to find red seaweed on their menu. Red kelp has been a standard food in Asia for ages and is referred to as a super food by knowing nutritionists. It is used in vegetable soups, salads and pickled in vinegar.

Irish moss a type of red sea vegetable has been harvested in the U.S. and is frequently used in cuisine. It has been known to treat goiter which is a thyroid condition known to result from iodine deficiency. It’s also known to contain a lot of Vitamin K and calcium. Healthy individuals need at least 80 mcg. of Vitamin K daily.

Health professionals often recommend a safe dosage of 900 mg of this red algae on a daily basis. Red seaweed supplements may possibly treat hypertension and may provide strong antioxidant effects. The disease-fighting components found in this sea vegetable are said to be beneficial for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia and other conditions making a valid point for further research.

One of the best sources to obtain red seaweed if you are unable to pull it fresh out of the ocean is from properly prepared fresh whole food supplements. One of those supplements is Body Balance which is a complex product containing nine different sea vegetables including green, brown and red seaweed in well balanced amounts.


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