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Why Choose Rice Protein Powder?

Using rice protein powder makes good sense. Here are six advantages of rice protein powders and how to make them all the more effective by blending it.

Rice protein powder can be used alon or in a protein shake.

If you suffer from allergies but you want to build stronger and leaner muscles, then rice protein powder is for you. Rice protein is probably one of the most versatile protein sources since it can be added to everyday recipes and can also be mixed with different drinks to boost protein levels.

This source of protein is produced by isolating the proteins of either brown, white rice or whole grain rice. Although rice belongs to the carbohydrate-rich food group it also contains proteins as well as essential amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. A special conversion process separates rice’s proteins and carbohydrates to produce a gluten-free and vegan form of protein.

Advantages of using a Rice Protein Powder:

There are several advantages of rice protein powder; here are some reasons why this source of protein is preferred by more athletes and muscle builders:

  1. Rice protein powder is a great source of essential amino acids that are an important part of any type of muscle building diet. Branched chain amino acids or BCAAs such as leucine, isoleucine and valine are needed during muscle workouts to improve muscle mass and strength. After workouts and during days when you need to rest and recuperate, these BCAAs give you optimum muscle recovery.
  2. Per each standard serving of rice protein it contains around 10 to 15g but has very little calories. This is a perfect protein source for people who would like to lose weight as well as build lean muscles.
  3. Rice protein powder also contains vitamins B and E which are essential for cell metabolism and for protecting the body tissues from cellular damage from substances like free radicals respectively.
  4. This source of protein is also found to be hypoallergenic. It will never cause illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and are perfect for people who are lactose intolerant.
  5. Rice protein is easy to digest unlike protein that is derived from animal sources. If you are a vegetarian, then rice protein powder is definitely for you. It is a perfect protein supplement for vegetarians everywhere.
  6. This protein source does not have a distinctive odor or taste, although some find it rather chalky or bitter at the first try, however it can be added to smoothies, fruit shakes and in many other recipes and you would not even know it is there.

Combining Rice Protein Powder with Pea and Whey

Rice protein powder may be bought separately but most protein formulas combine rice protein with other sources like whey and pea protein. It is not enough to consume more rice in a day to get leaner or bulkier body but you need to match the right diet and the most appropriate muscle building exercises to make you build more muscle mass faster.

If you are just looking into improving your protein consumption and not concerned with calorie, you may want to explore other rice protein possibilities like baked goods, pastries and even delicious flavored smoothies.

But if you are looking into developing leaner muscles then choose an ideal brand that combines all the power of pea, whey and rice proteins into a single protein supplement. You can find protein shakes, powders, bars and even ready to mix formulations in the market very easily that has all of these protein types included into them already.

For most people protein shakes work best because they are liquid and are very easily digested. So when you want to take rice protein powder get a good quality protein shake that includes the added health benefits of pea and whey protein powders combined.


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