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Is Seaweed Good Protection From Radiation Exposure?

Can the seaweed used in Body Balance help protect you and your family from radiation exposure? The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission says to consume seaweed.

Can seaweed guard agains radiation?

Now more than ever you need to be drinking Body Balance and I’ll tell you why.

First let me say what a sad situation it is in Japan. A 9.0 earthquake followed up by a deadly tsunami and now being backed up by a nuclear meltdown spreading radiation into the sky – what a mess.

Our heartfelt prayers go out to all of the wonderful people of Japan especially to those who are suffering from this terrible tragedy.

In the wake of this disturbing situation we have been getting questions about the seaweed in Body Balance and their ability to protect against radiation exposure.

Well, there’s good news to tell.

First let me point out that the SeaNine sea vegetable blend used in Body Balance is a rich source of iodine. And if you’ve been here before and seen the “Why Body Balance” video on the right, you’ll know we talk about how Japanese consume sea vegetables on a regular basis and a few of the benefits. I hope that’s one good blessing for them.

So, can the seaweed used in Body Balance help protect you and your family from radiation exposure?

From the research that we’re able to gather these sea vegetables appear to be a godsend for anyone and everyone in the path of nuclear fallout and/or radiation.

This afternoon while doing research I ran across an article on Healthier Talk written by Dr. Linda Page posted just yesterday. Here are a few important highlights…

Dr. Page states – Seaweeds purify all the world’s oceans- they can do the same for your body. Seaweeds like kelp, dulse and Irish Moss can protect us from a wide range of toxic elements in the environment, including radiation by-products, converting them into harmless salts that our bodies can eliminate.

Alright she’s got my attention now. Harmless salts that our bodies can eliminate? I like that thought. What’s more, Kelp, Dulse AND Irish Moss are ALL found in the seaweed blend (SeaNine) used in Body Balance. There’s actually nine in all.

Then she goes on to say…

Natural iodine in seaweeds can reduce by almost 80% radioactive iodine-131 that is absorbed by the thyroid. Seaweeds are so effective that even the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommends that people consume two to three ounces of seaweeds a week for maximum protection against radiation poisoning.

Holy Moly, this seaweed sounds awesome!

The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission is recommending the consumption of seaweed.

Natural seaweeds can reduce nearly 80% of the radioactive iodine without the sometimes ill effects of potassium iodide pills?

That’s fantastic!

Did you “get that”?

You need to be consuming seaweed right now, today – everyday.

When I read that I knew I had to get this information out to you as fast as possible – I urge you to get a supply of fresh seaweed or get you and your family on liquid Body Balance and tell everyone you know about it right away.

Seaweed to the rescue.

Look, I want you to have this in your body so here’s what I’m doing for readers of this post:

As you may already know, I’m a distributor of the Body Balance product. For 9 years now my family and I have consumed this wonderful seaweed and aloe vera blend called Body Balance. If I couldn’t tell you from our personal experience that this product has measurably improved our lives, I wouldn’t be able to endorse it for any reason.

What I want to do for you and your family – I’m giving permission to readers to use my personal unique ID# 20312249 that I use myself to buy at wholesale. Use that number and you’ll pay no fees or markups. You’ll pay exactly what I pay when I order. You’ll pay the factory fresh direct wholesale price. And as with all Life Force products you can be confident with our 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee.

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Let’s see…

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May I suggest that you order an 8-pack case for a deep discount? You’re going to need it and you’re definitely going love it.

And yes, you can even drink all 8 bottles risk free under the 90 day “empty bottle(s)” guarantee. The only question you’ll be asked is “where do you want us to send the refund check?”.

You’re welcome.

Cheers to a great life,

Coach Mardoc

P.S. It was reported on the news today that some radiation from Japan will be in California within a day. Scientist are saying it’s not a big deal but I still say “No, that’s not good news.”. My family and I are doubling up on our daily serving of Body Balance. You might want to… you know, do the same thing and get some seaweed going on inside you too just in case.


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