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Killing the Symptoms of Stress

When symptoms of stress appear, the sooner we put a stop to them the better because stress and the symptoms of stress can lead to serious health issues.

Learning how to deal with the symptoms of stress with a drink.

We are all aware that the symptoms of stress, when left unaddressed, can lead to some serious health issues. This means that the earlier we put a stop to it the better.

Remove or reduce stress and the symptoms of stress:

In order to eliminate stress effectively, we first have to know the different symptoms of stress. This is beneficial since by familiarizing ourselves with the symptoms of stress we can spot it early on before it becomes too late.

Depending on the cause of our stress, there can be a variety of symptoms of stress that we should look for. This means that it is also important to know what is causing you stress to prevent it from getting worse.

We can determine the level of stress you are experiencing, identify the cause of your symptoms of stress and provide a solution to help you eliminate the symptoms of stress that we are able to detect to a great extent.

If you are reading this article, you or someone you care about is probably experiencing more than one or two of the symptoms of stress we are trying to identify and help you eliminate here.

To help you identify the symptoms of stress you can take a short multiple questions and answer survey that is completely private – and it will show you your personal stress level and give you a solution on what you can do about it.

You can continue reading to learn more or go on over to and simply check off a few answers and input the number 20312249 to get your results. No names, email addresses needed – completely private.

This will help you identify your symptoms of stress, give you your stress level reading, give you some suggestions and it’s a completely free service so head on over and check it out.

To effectively diminish, even eliminate the symptoms of stress we have to identify what they are first. If rating your symptoms of stress makes you uncomfortable and “stressed out here’s a written list, while not as good as the survey, that can help you identify with your own personal symptoms of stress.

Emotional and/or Cognitive Symptoms of Stress

Emotional or cognitive symptoms of stress are usually related to feelings and the behavior of the individual. These are most often related to the person’s mental state.

  1. Feeling of irritation or being irritable.
  2. Feelings of frustration or frustration especially in cases where in you are asked to wait for something.
  3. Restlessness
  4. Problems with concentration or difficulties in focusing.
  5. Are easily confused at simple situations.
  6. Increased memory lapses or problems at recalling and remembering.
  7. Feelings of pessimism; It can also manifest as having a negative outlook on almost everything.
  8. Negative self outlook or perspective.
  9. Apparent mood swings that come at any time.
  10. Increased eating habits.
  11. Having the urge to eat even during times that you are full or do not feel hunger.
  12. Feelings of being tired all the time.
  13. Not being able to get things done in time or not being able to finish tasks at all.
  14. Inability to cope with work or tasks.
  15. Difficulties in decision making.
  16. Increased occurrence of emotional outburst; having all of a sudden increased feelings of sadness or happiness.
  17. Always having a general feeling of being upset.
  18. Decreased or even a loss of sense of humor.

Physical Manifestations and Symptoms of Stress

Physical manifestations are symptoms of stress that are related to bodily functions. It is usually manifested as something that affects the normal function of the body. Again, there are that you can do to by enhancing the body’s capability to handle stress.

Ultimately, you must be keen to what your body is telling you and this is not a substitute for a professional’s opinion who knows you directly but the following can be eliminated as well when stressful life events are your only problem.

  1. Presence of, or increased muscle tension.
  2. Presence of pain in the region of the lower back.
  3. Chest pains.
  4. Stomach and/or abdominal pains.
  5. Presence of muscle spasms or nervous tics. These can be felt as small or medium size abnormal or unusual twitching of muscles.
  6. Presence of unexplainable rashes or irritation on the skin.
  7. Palpitation or pounding and/or racing of the heart for no reason at all.
  8. Having sweaty palms.
  9. Increased sweating of the body even in the absence of any physical activity.
  10. Stomach irritation or commonly known as “butterflies” in the stomach.
  11. Indigestion problems
  12. Occurrence of diarrhea.
  13. Insomnia or excessive sleeping.
  14. Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.

There you have a few of the most common symptoms of stress that you may be able to identify with. The question now is…

What are you going to do to eliminate both the stress and your symptoms of stress?

Answer: Strangely enough; kill stress with an energy drink.

That’s right an energy drink. If you took the free “rate your stress” test above then you may already know how to eliminate stress and your symptoms of stress using the life force energy enhancer drink. You can learn more about stress relief and eliminate your symptoms of stress for good.


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