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The Irish Moss

On the list of the top nine sea vegetables in the world we have included Irish Moss because of the numerous health benefits it delivers to the human body.

Irish Moss is second up on our sea vegetable list.

If you eat or drink Irish moss on a regular basis you can consider yourself lucky.

Many health forums are trumpeting the benefits of this cherished sea vegetation these days, but if you’re looking to find some, good luck in your search. It’s not easy to find!

It can be found in Asia and in North American oceans, but it’s called Irish moss because it’s been in use in Ireland for centuries.

But why should you go looking for it in the first place? Well, that’s because—there’s no other way to put it—it’s good for you!

  • It has few calories but lots of nutrients, and it is used in a lot of weight loss programs.
  • It’s got antioxidants that help fight off free radicals and strengthen immune systems.
  • It helps treat the symptoms of the common cold and the flu.
  • If you have breathing problems like coughs and bronchitis, you may feel better after consuming Irish moss.
  • Irish moss has minerals that fight off fatigue and the inability to tolerate cold. These minerals can boost your metabolism and even improve the condition of your hair and skin.
  • It’s known to help those with duodenal and peptic ulcers.
  • It can lower cholesterol levels and helps prevent arteries from hardening.

What Life Force Says About Irish Moss in Body Balance:

Irish Moss boosts the body when recovering from an illness, unleashing a tidal wave of important nutrients-15 of the 18 elements composing the human body.

Irish moss has also been used to treat bronchitis, thyroid dysfunction, and to improve and strengthen glands. Irish moss is also used as a gentle anticoagulant and has been used to treat gastrointestinal disturbances, such as diarrhea.

Researchers have discovered that Irish moss may also improve blood pressure and may prove useful in the treatment of peptic ulcers without affecting colon health.

Instead of looking all over the place for Irish moss and figuring out how to prepare it the right way, you can save yourself the trouble by buying Life Force Body Balance. It contains Irish moss as one of its ingredients along with other healthy ingredients, and it’s delicious to boot.

How often can you say THAT about something healthy? Besides, drinking Body Balance saves you the trouble of having to figure out the best ways of getting it into your diet. It’s different from regular moss and in fact, it’s not a moss at all really, but an algae, sea vegetable or seaweed; pretty much all the same thing just not of the moss variety as its name might imply.

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