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When Liquid Nutrition is Recommended

There are many times when whole food liquid nutrition can be better used by your body than by eating solid food or taking pill form nutritional supplements.

There are lots of reasons to make liquid nutrition a part of your diet.

Nutritionists are unanimous when they say that you need solid food in order to stay healthy. But then again there are times when liquid nutrition is the better alternative. Consider the following situations:

Liquid Nutrition for When You Are Not Properly Hydrated

There are lots of heated debates as to how much water we need to consume in a given day. But experts are unanimous in their assertion that lots of people don’t hydrate their bodies sufficiently. This is especially true of those who consume alcohol or coffee, which are substances that are known to dehydrate people further even though they’re mostly made of water.

So with liquid nutrition, you get two benefits for the price of one. You get your nutritional needs covered; especially when your diet isn’t meeting them properly. And then you also get to hydrate more properly. Keep in mind that the human body can go for a week without solid food, but only a handful of days without water. That’s how important hydration is!

Liquid Nutrition for After A Workout

Exercise is a crucial component of keeping healthy and maintaining proper weight, so if this situation doesn’t yet apply to you, it should. When you do your exercises, you use up carbohydrates for your energy and you also deplete protein in your system which is why you have to consume all these proteins and carbs as a part of your workout.

Since carbs should be ingested pre workout, a good protein meal replacement shake is a good idea. Because your muscles need protein to be fed protein no later than 30 minutes after a workout, a good amino acid rich protein blend is what you should be looking for.

There are several advantages to liquid nutrition for this instance. For one, liquid nutrition can give you both, instead of having to eat separate items to furnish carbs and protein. Another reason is that you’ll most likely be thirsty after a workout, so getting liquid nutrition makes more sense.

Liquid Nutrition for Practical Reasons

If you like to spread your nutritional intake over the course of a day, it’s much more practical to do so with liquid nutrition. Consider what you have to deal with if you do this by eating food:

  • The amount of food you need to eat in order to get the nutritional equivalent of a few ounce of a properly prepared whole food liquid supplement would stun you.
  • Food items tend to be bulky and messy. It can be a bother to lug them around the whole day when you can just bring a small liquid vitamin bottle with you.
  • Food items can spoil. And when you inadvertently eat rotten food, you get more health issues instead of preventing them in the first place. On the other hand, liquid nutrition products tend to have long shelf lives. It certainly won’t go bad over the course of a single day.
  • Food items can get stuck on your teeth and gums, so you also have to think about dental and oral hygiene while away from home. With liquid nutrients, that’s not so much of a concern but it’s a good idea to brush your teeth normally during the course of the day.
  • Generally speaking, you should take your liquid nutrients and eat solid food. It’s just that we also have to accept the fact that sometimes we prefer eating unhealthy food items, and for this reason we need to include nutritional supplements in our diet. And then there are also instances when drinking liquid nutrients are better for you instead of eating solid foods.

By choosing the right liquid nutrition drink; one that offers the vitamins and minerals you need, along with the essential fatty acids and amino acids – you can get the nutrients you need much more easily and conveniently too!

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