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Why Choose Whey Protein Powder?

Whey protein powder is a great protein supplement by itself but it becomes more effective when you mix whey protein powder with rice and pea protein powder.

Whey protein powder works great in your protein shakes.

Maybe the most appropriate question would be: why NOT choose whey protein powder?

Whey protein is considered a type of protein that has the highest Biological Value (BV) much better than egg protein, beef protein and even soy and milk protein.

So if you are looking into building lean muscle mass faster and more efficiently then consider using whey protein powder as the ideal protein product if you were to choose a single protein powder.

Whey Protein Powder is a Great Singular Protein Source:

Technically speaking, whey is a liquid. It is a by-product which is left over after creating other dairy products like cheese. Considering whey is from dairy or milk, it is made up of protein, fats and different minerals. This liquid whey is further processed by drying to create the protein powder that body builders are familiar with.

Here are several benefits of whey protein powder which gives it an edge over all other single protein sources:

  1. Its high Biological Value at 104 makes it easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, when food is easily absorbed, the body can easily utilize the nutrients that the food source provides.
  2. It is very nutritious making it one of the most popular sources of milk formula made for babies and young children.
  3. It has very high protein content that makes it the best singular protein supplement.
  4. It can improve the effect of exercise by efficiently increasing the growth rate of muscle as well as making muscles leaner and stronger.
  5. Whey protein is high in essential amino acids which are needed for optimum muscle building results. Essential amino acids ensures that you have plenty of energy while you work out and you can regain muscle strength and maintain muscle tone even after your workout routines are over.
  6. Whey also has the ability to optimize the body ratio of muscle to fat. This could be very helpful especially when you need to slim down as well as develop lean muscle. It can be beneficial in burning fat and at the same time keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  7. Whey protein powder also contains high calcium levels which are expected of a protein source from dairy products. Calcium can help improve bone health and to inhibit storage of fats.
  8. Whey powder drinks and protein drinks tastes better compared to other protein drinks. You will never have to add flavor or color because it is already smells and tastes delightful. Even kids will love the taste of whey; it can also be used in smoothies and in other recipes.

Combine Whey Protein Powder with others for Increased Stamina:

You can buy whey protein powder combined with rice and pea protein for prolonged stamina. Mixing these three together is an excellent way to provide a longer lasting supply of protein to your body because each of those three digest a little differently.

Whey protein combined with other protein sources such as pea and rice is not only great for bodybuilders but for anyone who wants to feed their muscles during and after any physical activity.

Add a few other important nutrients and this unique combination makes a fantastic meal replacement shake with some serious lasting hunger curving power.

As the concern of more and more consumers about finding quality natural food products grows, the production natural whey protein powder springs to life. With its high biological value and the ability to combine it easily with other powders and liquids makes it a top choice in a single protein supplement.

When you want a stand-alone whey protein powder, look for these specific things:

  • Read actual product content and not the label. Labels may say that they are whey protein but may still have preservatives and artificial ingredients in them.
  • Whey protein isolates may be the highest quality of whey protein since it contains the highest quality protein in comparison, contains less fat and cholesterol.
  • The stand-alone whey protein powder product must have no flavor whatsoever, no sweeteners and absolutely no coloring. The ingredient label would actually read only whey protein isolates, no more, no less.
  • Finally buy from trusted local or online establishment. Shops and markets are everywhere online and off so find a shop that can give you high quality products at a fair and reasonable price.

Most people that buy whey protein powder have either used it before or have heard about it from someone else. After a period of time using protein supplements many people find that a deluxe protein shake made from rice, pea and whey protein powder provides better results than any single protein source all by itself.


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