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Why You Need Liquid Minerals

You know vitamins are necessary for your body and you might know liquid vitamins are superior, but not using good quality liquid minerals is a big mistake.

With liquid minerals, getting the minerals you need every day has never been easier.

Everybody knows that vitamins (liquid is best) are good for you, but not everyone seems to know that liquid minerals are just as essential as well. When people hear about zinc and copper, they more often than not think about batteries. In fact, when people hear “minerals”, they think about those rock-like formations that are being harvested in mines.

As nutritional experts agree, minerals are actually more important than vitamins.

Since your body is not designed to eat and digest rocks, liquid minerals in an ionic form are the best possible choice for mineral supplementation.

Liquid Minerals Your Body Needs

A diet that’s healthy always includes minerals. Some of them are macro-nutrients, which are major minerals that also contain electrolytes. Examples of these are calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Then there are trace minerals, and you only need small amounts of these. Zinc and copper are examples of trace minerals.

When you eat some types of edible plants like fruits and vegetables, you can get a lot of the minerals you need and these plants absorb minerals through the soil; but only if the soil contains those minerals.

The problem is that modern day farm soil has been depleted of most minerals from growing crop after crop after crop in the same soil over and over again. N-P-K gets added back in so the plants will grow large, but what about the other 60 minerals that your body needs every day?

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Minerals

Bad things happen to your body if you don’t get enough minerals. To illustrate, let’s say your body is a house. In this regard, minerals are essentially the bricks and mortar that hold up the structure—and they also help generate electricity so that your lights and appliances will work. Without easy to digest liquid minerals, you end up with a house that’s likely to crumble any time.

When you’re deficient in some types of minerals, this can result in some serious medical conditions.

  • If you don’t have enough selenium, you may experience skin problems. You are also more likely to get cancer and heart disease.
  • Without enough manganese, you may experience dizziness and hearing problems. You may have some digestive troubles as well.
  • A potassium deficiency can cause some confusion, nausea and feeling thirsty all the time, along with muscle weakness.
  • If you don’t get enough calcium, you may have some trouble with your teeth and bones. And without enough magnesium, you may not be able to absorb all the calcium your body needs.

Make Sure Your Liquid Minerals Has All the Essential Minerals

One way of making sure that you get your required minerals is to have a detailed discussion with your nutritionist or doctor, so that you can plan for a balanced diet. You have to identify the proper sources of these minerals—meaning you have to include the right foods (grown in the right soil) in your diet.

You also need to prepare the foods properly, because if you cook them wrong then you can destroy the very important nutrients that you’re actually trying to ingest.

But here’s a more convenient option for you. You can simply buy a health drink that contains all the liquid minerals you need. Liquid minerals are easily available in the market and by buying products like Body Balance whole food liquid supplement, you can acquire 60+ healthy minerals in just one delicious drink.

Body Balance contains many different types of vegetables too which means you will not just get your fill of minerals, but you also get the vitamins and other essential nutrients your body needs to function properly – 120+ in all.

For the same reason liquid vitamins are better than pill form vitamins, liquid minerals are better than pill minerals. Liquid minerals absorb quickly, easily and are able to be used more completely by your body. This is why all of your supplements should be liquid supplements but most importantly in this case, your minerals need to be liquid minerals to give you the most value.

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